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[Stadium Runners] Newsletter - June 2023

Hi Mark

Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.
Sun 7th May, Bluebell Trail
(photos Philip Bland)

A firm favourite on the Stadium Calendar, and the 2nd race on the Schedule this year. It is a brutal race with a busy start through the woods, a bit of respite on the canal before the legendary climb up Trooper Lane. Then there's a nasty drop down a narrow stony/cobbled track before another long climb back up to Southowram. Finally there's a nerve wracking descent through the woods before a final push along the canal to the icing on the cake river crossing. Brilliant!

Here is how the Stadium Runners got on.
Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos
5 Leo Timmins 01:13:52 MV40 2 Male 5
10 Michael Cottam 01:18:53 M Senior 5 Male 10
16 Ian Du Feu 01:22:38 MV50 3 Male 16
30 Darren Earnshaw 01:27:11 MV45 5 Male 28
31 Kieran O'Prey 01:27:15 M Senior 9 Male 29
32 Helen Ansell 01:27:20 F Senior 3 Female 3
33 Andrew Doig 01:27:29 MV55 3 Male 30
41 Damian Haigh 01:30:38 MV45 11 Male 38
53 David C. Miller 01:33:57 MV50 10 Male 49
55 Mark Davies 01:34:00 MV60 3 Male 51
61 Martin Wright 01:35:41 MV55 8 Male 55
65 Kieran Welsh 01:36:02 MV45 14 Male 59
69 Ian Whalley 01:36:34 M Senior 12 Male 63
75 Gary Jackson 01:37:59 MV50 15 Male 68
90 Matthew Smith 01:41:59 MV40 15 Male 79
125 Andrew Smithson 01:48:19 MV55 12 Male 102
127 Christina Sunderland 01:48:48 FV40 9 Female 24
131 Caroline Smith 01:49:29 FV60 1 Female 26
136 Kathy Armitage 01:50:35 FV50 4 Female 27
147 Rob Hoult 01:53:31 MV50 30 Male 115
152 Andrew Pigg 01:54:33 MV60 7 Male 117
166 Amy Oatway 01:56:14 F Senior 11 Female 42
168 John Cottam 01:56:39 MV65 4 Male 124
263 Simon Gudgeon 02:29:11 MV55 25 Male 162
271 James Gudgeon 02:36:23 M Senior 27 Male 165
278 Russell Dyson 02:40:34 MV70 4 Male 169
  Robert Buchanan DNF MV45   Male  
Brilliant running from Helen to come 3rd female, and very well done to all those in the category top three finishers.

Super running all!
Sun 14th May, Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon
(photo Ewelina Amrouche)

The first outing of this new race, it looked like a tough hilly course. Five Stadium Runners took on the challenge.
Pos Name Gender Cat Gun Time Chip Time Gen Pos Cat Pos Chip Pos PB
185 Matthew Donnelly male MS 03:17:01 03:16:10 177 90 191 PB
204 Ashleigh Greenwood female FS 03:18:40 03:17:50 10 10 209  
939 John Sayles male M50 03:51:34 03:50:35 852 113 1135  
1556 Kieran Welsh male M40 04:06:19 03:57:36 1365 466 1490  
3601 Stephanie Sayles female F50 04:50:38 04:35:01 701 117 3665  
Massive kudos to Matthew for getting a PB on a course like that and to Ashleigh for completing her third marathon in four weeks and one day!

Brilliant running. 
Calderdale Way Relay, Sunday 21st May
(sorry, the leg 1 runners were camera shy)

The Calderdale Way is a 50 mile circular route around Halifax & the Calder Valley. The Calderdale Way Relay splits this into 6 legs varying between 5 and 10 miles, each run by a pair of runners. That makes 12 runners in a team, and this year 84 teams completed the race. Stadium entered three teams - two male (competing in the Open category) and one ladies. This is how they got on:
    Leg Leg Leg Overall Overall
    No Time Pos Time Pos
4th Open Team, Stadium Runners A,  Team no. 70          
  Tom Jagger , Jamie Brannan 1 01:23:36 16 01:23:36 16
  Michael Cottam , Alastair Wareham 2 01:04:29 6 02:28:05 7
  Ian De Feu , Tom Schoolar 3 00:40:09 2 03:08:14 6
  Luc Burnip , Joe Baker 4 01:16:18 5 04:24:32 4
  Steve Carson , Andrew Bowett 5 01:03:02 4 05:27:34 4
  Simon Courtney , Matthew Pierson 6 01:11:53 6 06:39:27 4
  Overall Team Time       06:39:27  
23rd Open Team,  Stadium Runners B, Team no. 71          
  Kieran O'Prey , Andy Doig 1 01:36:04 34 01:36:04 34
  Matthew Donnelly , Damian Haigh 2 01:19:43 33 02:55:47 33
  Ian Bitcon , Matt Smith 3 00:53:11 33 03:48:58 32
  Mark Davies , Ian Whalley 4 01:40:28 40 05:29:26 36
  Rob Hoult , Martin Wright 5 01:15:29 28 06:44:55 35
  Jack Laffey , Matthew Pattison 6 01:35:16 32 08:20:11 33
  Overall Team Time       08:20:11  
8th Ladies Team, Stadium Runners Ladies, Team no. 72          
  Kathy Armitage , Stephanie Sayles 1 02:08:41 73 02:08:41 74
  Jo Coop , Sandra Emmerson 2 01:52:44 79 04:01:25 79
  Chrissy Sunderland , Amy Oatway 3 00:58:28 54 04:59:53 75
  Ashleigh Greenwood , Anouska Higo 4 01:52:18 58 06:52:11 71
  Cheryl Devine , Fiona Willis 5 01:51:46 83 08:43:57 75
  Anthea Bitcon , Caroline Smith 6 01:59:37 69 10:43:34 75
  Overall Team Time       10:43:34  
Awsome running by all 36 of our runners.

Especially big congrats to the Men's A team who equalled the best ever Stadium finish position of 4th. This equals the 4th position of the 2021 Stadium Men's A team, but this year they finished in a total time over 20 minutes faster. A special mention also to Ian & Tom on Leg 3, who completed the leg in the 2nd fastest time this year.
Other Racing!
Sun 7th May, Lucca Half, Italy. Val Sullivan came 1056th in 2:18:35
Sat 13th May, Cumbrian Challenge (20 miles with over 7,000ft of climb). Luc was part of a team that came 2nd in 6 hours 18 mins..
Sun 14th May, Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100k (65 miles & over 21,000ft of climb). Joe Baker had a bit of a struggle for once but still came 103rd in 21:07:12.
Sun 14th May, Colne Valley Mountain Bike Challenge 20 mile. Martin Wright came 1st in 2:00:56.
Sun 21st May, Outlaw Half Triathlon. Peter Martin came 104th in a total time of 4:42:06.

Sun 21st May, Great Manchester Run Half. Michael Fleary came 91st in 1:24:14, Helen Ansell came 208th in 1:28:37 and was 11th female, Darren Earnshaw came 212th in 1:28:41, Amanda Matthews came 5178th in 2:29:49.
Sat 27th May, Kettlewell Trail 10k. Nicki Cartwright came 47th in 1:37:08.

Sat 27th May, Kettlewell Trail Half. Simon Courtney came 3rd in 2:02:01.

Sun 28th May, Shepherd's Crook Fell Race. Andrew Doig came 22nd & 1st M55 in 1:12.
Super running!
parkrun Highlights

Sat 6th May, Huddersfield. Luc Burnip came 1st in 16:22, Michael Cottam came 4th in 18:19, Andrew Bowett came 5th in 18:21, Janet Shaw came 227th in a PB 27:41.

Sat 6th May, Oakwell Hall. Joe Baker came 1st in a PB 17:43.

Sat 6th May, Brighouse. On the comeback trail, Jonny Cartwright came 26th in 24:21 in his first parkrun in 16 months! 

Sat 13th May, Huddersfield. Simon Courtney came 4th in 16:38, Janet Shaw came 240th in a PB 27:13.

Sat 13th May, Centre Vale, Todmorden. Thomas Schoolar came 1st in a PB 18:51. Ian Du Feu came 7th in a PB 19:57.

Sat 20th May, Huddersfield. Cancelled.

Sat 20th May, Penistone. Amy Oatway came 57th in a PB 25:31.

Sat 27th May, Huddersfield. Peter Martin came 2nd in 16:35, Alastair Wareham came 7th in 18:20, Michael Cottam came 8th in 18:53.

Sat 27th May, Penistone parkrun. Jamie Brannan came 1st in 17:26.

Sat 27th May, Barnsley. Ashleigh Greenwood came 26th and was 2nd female in a PB 22:23.
Run Leader Rota

The latest Rota for Apr - Jun is available here.

We are having issues filling the Gold Leader spot on Mondays when Simon Courtney is running one of his increasingly popular Development sessions. Also many usual Gold runners prefer to attend the Development sessions, so Gold attendance is usually low. So we have taken the decision to cancel the Gold runs when this situation occurs.

We want to stress that the Development sessions are suitable for all Bronze, Silver & Gold runners, it's just that the knock on effects of its popularity are only affecting Gold runs (at the moment).
Membership renewal 2023/24 - High Priority

Dear members. 

Thank you to the 83 members who have renewed their membership with club and welcome to the 12 who have become new members.

Our records indicate there are 24 members, who have still not renewed their membership yet and not indicated that they won’t be renewing. 

Please could I request that those members, who intend to renew, do so as soon as possible, as after 30th June you will not be an affiliated SR member with UKA, which will mean you will not be registered to enter future races under UKA affiliation rules, receive race entry discounts, and could be refused competitive entry as a SR, to any race which you may have entered to run, after this date or any events such as the winter cross country league, where club membership is compulsory. 

In terms of club benefits, you will not be able to access or use the sports shoes discount code or attend club run sessions without charge and your name will be taken off the newsletter email list. 

I’m sure you will agree, £35 membership fee offers amazing value for all the benefits we have on offer. 

To those of you who have recently paid fees by BACs , please confirm by email, as it is not always possible to access the bank details on a regular basis. 

Please get in touch at and I will be happy to advise payment methods and BACS details if needed. 

Alison Cottam

Membership Secretary.
Stadium Runners.
Club Championships 2023/24

The full new race calendar was launched at the Awards Night and are now on the website.
No Race Type Date/Time Entry
 1 Cake Race  Trail/Hilly Sat 29th Apr 2023, 10:00 am   
 2 Bluebell  Mixed/Hilly Sun 7th May 2023, 10:00 am   
 3 Joe Percy  Road/Undulating Wed 14th Jun 2023, 7:15 pm   
 4 Lindley 10K  Road/Undulating Sun 25th Jun 2023, 9:30 am  link
 5 Hepworth Trail  Trail/Hilly Wed 19th Jul 2023, 7:30 pm  link
 6 Tony Audsley Flat Cap 5  Trail/Flat Tue 1st Aug 2023, 6:30 pm  link
 7 Colne Valley 10K  Mixed/Hilly Sun 20th Aug 2023, 11:00 am  link
 8 Ladybower Reservoir Trail Half Trail/Hilly Sat 14th Oct 2023, 11:00 am  link
 9 Baildon Cross-Country  Off Road/Hilly Sun 5th Nov 2023, 10:00 am   
 10 Travellers 6 Denby Dale  Road/Hilly Dec 2023  
 11 Oakwell Hall Park Run  Trail/Undulating Sat 6th Jan 2024, 9:00 am  link
 12 Hoppits Hill Fell Race  Off Road/Hilly Sun 4th Feb 2024, 10:00 am  link
 13 Ian Roberts Memorial  Off Road/Hilly Sun 3rd Mar 2024, 10:00 am  link
 14 Dentdale Half  Road/Hilly Sun 17th Mar 2024, 10:00 am  link

Marsden Ten

Thankyou to everyone who has volunteered to assist on Sunday 11th June. If anyone else is interested in helping out before the start with Car Parking and getting runners safely out of Marsden at the beginning of the race and back at the end please contact me. If you are coming please don't forget to bring a cake for the runners end of race refreshment.

On-line entries close on Sunday 4th June and we will be having on the day entry as well. If you wish to enter and aren't already volunteering, that is not a problem, as it would be nice to have a contingent of Stadium Runners in the race. It's a great event and please make sure you mention it to anyone you think might be interested. Fiona and Matt have produced a fantastic souvenir for the runners and there will be no excuse for them to get lost on the day!

I will be leading a run around the course on Thursday 8th June meeting at 6.30pm at the Conservative Club in Marsden. This will be open to all, you don't need to be running or helping at the race to come. I will be leading a slower group round but will try and arrange a quicker group as well, so that they can have the drinks waiting when we get back to the pub.

Any questions please see me either on club nights or E Mail at

John Cottam

Yorkshire Veterans Relay

Yorkshire vets relays take place on Sunday 4th June.

We have three teams entered, one over 35 team and two over 40 teams Races start at 2pm

These are the teams and running order, if anyone would like to change legs let me know. I will get there to enter the teams, so if you can all be there for 13.15 at the latest please.

Vet 35
Jamie Brannan
Matthew Pierson
Alastair Wareham

Vet 40
Leo Timmins
Simon Courtney
Andrew Bowett

Vet 40
Matt Pattison
Andrew Smithson
Steve Carson

Matt Pierson

Yorkshire Veterans Grand Prix

Just a quick note to advertise the Yorkshire Veterans Grand Prix series. Details below, but in brief it is £5 per race. Races are similar courses to Cross Country but usually less muddier and a bit warmer. First race is at Honley on the 23rd April. It would be nice if we could get a few more runners taking part this year.
Event Host Club Venue Date
Race 1 Holmfirth Harriers Honley 23.04.23
Race 2 Kirkstall Harriers Kirkstall Abbey 23.05.23
Race 3 South Leeds Lakers    Middleton Clearings 21.06.23
Race 4 Northowram Pumas TBC 13.07.23
Race 5 Queensbury RC Littlemoor Park 01.08.23
Race 6 Pudsey Pacers Post Hill 08.08.23
Race 7 Ackworth RR Fitzwilliam Country Park    01.10.23
Race 8 TBC    
Race 9 TBC    
Race 10   TBC  
Full details here.
Stadium Runners Milestones

Congratulations to Rachel Hey for reaching 200 runs in May.


John Cottam

Kit Shop

Here is what I have currently available and prices:

SR Racing vests - £20
Short and long sleeved white SR t-shirts - £10
Hi-vis SR training vests - £10
Short and long sleeved hi-vis SR t-shirts - £10
SR Hoodies [unzipped & zipped] - £20
SR buffs in red or hi-vis - £3 each or £5 for 2
SR woolly hat - £3
SR nylon drawstring bags - £3

Please email me if there are any items that you want.

Sue Green

Simon's SRDS and S&C
Simon's Stadium Runners Development Sessions

Mondays, usually at Leeds Road Track -

5th and 19th June.
Free for members - book via Runtogether Stadium Runners Development Sessions (free)

Simon's Strength & Conditioning for Runners

The S&C sessions have been paused while I find a new venue.

Simon Courtney
Rockhopper Running

If you are fancying some off road running this summer then the Rockhoppers have two sessions per week, first one on Tuesday evening starting at 6.30 meeting at various pubs, with a 5 mile run then refreshments afterwards at the pub, starting 9th May onwards. On the fourth Tuesday every month we will be doing one hills & speed session.

Then we have the Saturday morning session starting at 9.00 meeting at various coffee shops with a 6 mile run, then refreshments afterwards at the cafe. The pace is a steady silver pace. So please book on if you fancy some brilliant off road running.
For all Rockhoppers sessions please click on the links for booking & details.

Rockhopper Saturday Off Road Running
Rockhopper Tuesday Running

Martin Wright
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Sun 11th Jun, Marsden 10

Wed 14th Jun, Joe Percy 10k

Thu 15th  - Sun 18th Jun, Tour of Tameside 2023

Sat 17th Jun, IGUN Summer Extravaganza 2023

Sun 18th Jun, 9:30, Norman Cole Penistone 10k

Wed 21st Jun, YVAA 3, South Leeds Lakers

Sun 25th Jun, 09:30, Lindley 10k

Wed 5th Jul, 19:15, Helen Windsor 10k

Sun 9th Jul, 9:30, Hollybank Eccup 10 mile

Thu 13th Jul, YVAA 4, Northowram Pumas

Wed 19th Jul 7:30pm, Hepworth Trail

Tue 1st Aug, 6:30, Tony Audsley Flat Cap 5

Tue 1st Aug, YVAA 5, Queensbury RC

Tue 8th Aug, YVAA 6, Pudsey Pacers

Sun 20th Aug, Colne Valley 10k

Sat 2nd Sep, Heights 50m, 50k, 10k

Sun 1st Oct, YVAA 7, Ackworth RR

Sun Oct 15th, Ladybower Reservoir Trail Half

Sun 15th Oct, Yorkshire 10 Mile & Marathon

Sun 26th Feb 2023, Hoppits Hill Fell Race
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - the new club code for June is valid until 3rd of July 2023. The code will give you 10% off and free standard shipping (worth £4.99) on all orders. Please make sure to select United Kingdom in your shipping address to apply the promotion code without errors.

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Stadium Runners Community Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Website
Stadium Runners Twitter
Stadium Runners Strava Club

Simon Courtney's YouTube Channel
Rockhopper Saturday Off Road Running
Rockhopper Tuesday Running
Rockhopper Facebook Page

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.


Mark Davies

Written by:Mark Davies
On: 01st June 2023

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