Club Grand Prix

Stadium Runners racingThe Club Grand Prix is based on the 15 events that comprise the club’s race calendar, and is designed to recognise the fastest Stadium Runners both male and female, although it is possible to accumulate a good score by racing regularly and consistently throughout the season.   

In the Grand Prix competition Stadium Runners are awarded points according to their finishing position in relation to their club mates for the events on the club calendar.  The first Stadium Runner to finish is awarded 25 points, the second 24 points, third 23 points and so on.  In events where large numbers of club members competing all Stadium Runners who finish in 25th place or beyond will receive 1 Grand Prix point.  There are separate competitions for male and female Stadium Runners.  


Stadium Runners will receive points for every calendar race they compete in up to a maximum of 8 events.  For runners completing more than 8 events, their best 8 results will count towards their overall points total.  The male and female runners with the greatest accumulated score following the final race on the calendar will be declared the Grand Prix winners.

Stadium Runners racingNew Stadium Runners can join the Grand Prix at any point during the year.  There is no minimum number of events required to qualify, although the more races you run (a maximum of 8 races to count) the more points you will accumulate.  In the event of a tie at the end of the season the runner who has scored the most outright victories (25 points) will be declared the overall winner.

The updated  results for this year's Grand Prix will be shown here.