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[Stadium Runners] Newsletter - December 2023

Hi Mark

Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.
End Of An Era And Start of A New One
On Thursday 30th November 2023, there was a big turnout as Bronze, Silver & Gold held their last runs from the Stadium, as the KAL complex closed later that evening.

We've had many happy times (and one or two not so happy...) at the Stadium, but onwards and upwards to pastures new.

From Monday 4th December onwards, we will be meeting before our runs in the foyer of KAL's Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Spring Grove St. We can use the toilets & the changing rooms. The car parks are free after 6pm.

Silvers took a detour on their run to check out our new base, before returning to the Stadium for snacks & nibbles with the other groups.

Sun 5th Nov, Cop Hill Fell Race
Not the world's toughest fell race, but a good introduction to fell racing and good prep for West Yorkshire Winter League. The race also doubled up as the Yorkshire Vets Championship Fell Race.
Pos. Name Cat Time  
10 Ian Du Feu M50 00:44:22 2nd M50 & 1st YVAA M50
18 Michael Cottam MSENIOR 00:46:19  
31 Andrew Doig M55 00:49:46 1st M55 & 1st YVAA M55
63 Mark Davies M60 00:55:19 3rd M60 & 3rd YVAA M60
69 Andy Petrie M45 00:55:58  
161 Fiona Willis F60 01:13:52 1st F60 & 1st YVAA F60
Brilliant running everyone.
Sun 19th Nov, 9th Club Championship Race  - WYWL 1 - Baildon
(photos Jerry Watson, Simon Gudgeon)

A regular WYWL season opener, there is a big climb to start and a big descent to finish. In between, Yorkshire undulating and, with the recent weather, plenty of mud too. Added interest, as the race was also the 9th in the club Championship.
Pos First Name Surname Cat Gender M Pos F Pos Points
3 Simon  Courtney M40 M 3   498
11 Andrew Bowett M45 M 11   490
12 Ian Du Feu M55 M 12   489
14 Alastair Wareham M35 M 14   487
16 Pete Martin Mopen M 16   485
17 Leo Timmins M40 M 17   484
22 Michael Cottam Mopen M 21   480
29 Adam  Crosland M40 M 28   473
40 Paul  Fairburn  M50 M 38   463
43 Thomas Schoolar Mopen M 41   460
63 Andrew Doig M55 M 59   442
76 Matthew Donnelly M35 M 71   430
77 Dan Jones M35 M 72   429
107 David C. Miller M50 M 99   402
121 Jack Laffey Mopen M 113   388
130 Nick Hannah M45 M 122   379
134 Adam Goodall M45 M 125   376
157 Ian Whalley M35 M 142   359
163 Damian Haigh M45 M 147   354
169 Mark Davies M60 M 152   349
174 Lucy  Fairburn  Fopen F  Female 19 482
193 Martin Wright M55 M 172   329
194 Gary Jackson M50 M 173   328
218 Michaela Goodall F40 F  Female 28 473
231 Andrew  Smithson M55 M 197   304
243 Ian Bitcon M55 M 207   294
262 Rob Hoult M50 M 218   283
295 Rachael  Hey Fopen F  Female 59 442
303 Dan Lock M35 M 240   261
320 Anouska Higo F45 F  Female 70 431
334 Ben Jackson Mopen M 259   242
376 Anthea Bitcon F45 F  Female 95 406
399 Sharron  Broadley F60 F  Female 107 394
404 Fiona Willis F60 F  Female 109 392
425 Amy Oatway F35 F  Female 123 378
449 Alexa Schoolar F45 F  Female 137 364
453 Cheryl  Devine F40 F  Female 140 361
483 Lee Talbot M45 M 322   179
502 Russell Dyson M75 M 328   173
Well done everyone.
West Yorkshire Winter League - Scoring Rules

A few people mentioned last year that they didn't understand how the WYWL scoring worked, so here's the official rules.

In each race, 500 points for 1st male, 499 points for 2nd male etc, 500 points for 1st female, 499 points for 2nd female etc.

Individual Competition

Scoring to be based on best 5 out of 8 races.  In event of a tie, head-to-head will be used to split the runners.  If still tied position will be shared.

Team Competitions

Scoring is based upon completion of all staged races.

Male Team  -  7 to count, 3 must be Vets or Supervets. Maximum of three 2nd claim Male Open and one 2nd Claim Male Vet or Supervet out of the 7
Female Team - 5 to count, 1 must be a Vet or Supervet, Maximum of two 2nd claim Female Open and one 2nd Claim Female Vet or Supervet out of the 5)
Vets Team - 2 male and 1 female of 35 to 49 age categories.  Maximum of one 2nd claim athlete
Supervets Team - 2 male and 1 female of 50+ age categories.  Maximum of one 2nd claim athlete

Most Improved Trophies

Individual - male (Dave Turpin trophy) & female (Paul Dowson trophy).  Must have completed the minimum number of scoring races in both 2022 and 2023 seasons. In 2022 it was 5 races and in 2023 it will also be 5 races to score. Scoring based upon the average points per race in 2023 compared to the 2022 average points per race. The runner with the highest net gain over the 2 racing seasons is the winner.
Team - Scoring based on total average points scored per race (all runners) per club for the current season in comparison to the previous season. Average score calculation used per gender and then averaged again. The club with the highest net average gain over the 2 racing seasons is the winner.

Important Notes

•   Minimum age of runners is 17 years old according to England Athletics rules.

•   Triathlon clubs exempt from 2nd claim scoring rules.

•   All competitors aged over 17 but under 35 are classed as Open age category.  Aged between 35 to 49 are classed as Vets. Aged 50+ are classed as Supervets.

•   All age categories based upon age as at first scheduled fixture of the season.

•   If all the Supervets places are filled, the next Supervet is eligible to score in the Vets category for their club. Also, if both the Vets and Supervets categories are not filled for a club, then the Supervets can be classified as Vets if that allows the club to have a full Vets team.

•   A runner can only count once in terms of Vet team categories (Vet or Supervet).

•   All 2nd claim runners must be registered with their respective clubs and have England Athletics (EA) or British Triathlon Federation (BTF) membership prior to the first scheduled race. If registered after that date, they will not be eligible for any team scoring.

•   Where an individual’s final standings are both first in an age category and top 3 overall it is deemed the top 3 overall classification takes priority. The age category award would then go to the next highest scoring runner.

All runners are required to wear their official club top, along with their official race number and wristband supplied by WYWL. Failure to do so will render their results void.

On the WYWL Facebook Group, in the Files section, a splendid Excel spreadsheet is posted after each race containing full individual, team & overall results. Great bedtime reading.
Other Racing!
Sun 5th Nov, New York Marathon. Joe Baker came 178th in 2:40:34, Ashleigh Greenwood came 9,986th in 3:47:18.

Sun 5th Nov, Guy Fawkes 10. Kieran Welsh came 259th in 1:22:41.

Sat 11th Nov, Alton Towers 10k. Simon Courtney came 6th in 34:23 and was 1st MV40, Matthew Pierson came 7th in 34:31 and was 1st MV35, Luc Burnip came 10th in 35:25 and was 8th MSen, Elizabeth Ruffley came 878th in 56:55 and was 200th female and 96th Fsen.

Sun 12th Nov, Wadsworth Half Trog. Michael Cottam came 18th in 1:34;47, Kieran O'Prey came 20th in 1:35:30.

Sun 12th Nov, Brigantia Hogshead Challenge. Steve Taylor completed 43 laps & 43K and came 10th in 3;58:30.
Sun 19th Nov, Tatton 10k. Amanda Matthews came 622nd in 1:06:08 and was 274th female.
Sun 19th Nov, Tatton Half. Luc Burnip came 3rd in 1:12:48 and was 2nd MSen, Joe Baker came 19th in 1:17:40 and was 4th MV40, Helen Ansell came 85th in 1:27:42 and was 9th female and 4th FV35. Lynn Birchall came 168th in 1:35:42 and was 25th female and 6th FV50.
Sun 19th Nov, Tadcaster 10k. Rebecca Jagger came 523rd in 1:29:54 and was 12th FV35.

Sun 19th Nov, Autumn Windsor Trail Half. Kieran Welsh came 60th in 1:54:33 and was 11th MV40.

Sat 25th Nov, Maravan Marathon 2023. Steve Taylor came 22nd in 4:30:24.
Sun 26th Nov, Running GP Oulton Park Marathon. Jamie Brannan came 7th in 2:58:42.

Sun 26th Nov, Lee Mill Fell Relay. Keiran O'Prey ran with the team "CVFR Alisa's All Stars" and they  came 31st in 1:19:09.
Super running!
parkrun Highlights

Sat 4th Nov

Huddersfield. 1st Luc Burnip 16:32, 5th Michael Cottam 17:47, 8th Henry Carter 18:00, 61st Rachel Hey 22:22 and 6th female.
Cross Flatts. 1st Simon Courtney 16:38.
Delaware and Raritan Canal. 12th Ashleigh Greenwood 22:41 and 3rd female.
Oakwell Hall. 37th Helen Ahmad 27:43 and 6th female.
Brighouse, Andrew Doig came 6th in 20:04.

Sat 11th Nov

Huddersfield. Cancelled.
Brighouse. 1st Peter Martin 17:26 PB, Andrew Doig came 10th in 19:59, 30th Dan Lock 22:32 PB.
Lister Park. 3rd Michael Cottam 18:06.
Cross Flatts. 1st Henry Carter 17:51 PB.
Cinder Track. 3rd Matthew Donnelly 19:23.
Halifax. 7th Darren Earnshaw 20:14.

Sat 18th Nov

Huddersfield. 1st Jamie Brannan 17:14, 4th Matthew Pierson 17:41, 7th Michael Cottam 18:02, 8th Leo Timmins 18:18, 79th Caroline Smith 22:53 and 7th female.
Woodhouse Moor. 5th Henry Carter 17:46 PB.
Keswick. 33rd Steve Taylor 22:56 PB.
Horton Park. 24th Becky Griggs 27:46 PB and 5th female.

Sat 25th Nov

Huddersfield. 1st Simon Courtney 16:21, 3rd Peter Martin 17:01, 5th Matthew Pierson 17:25, 6th Michael Cottam 17:44, 7th Joe Baker 17:53, 22nd Ashleigh Greenwood 19:59 and 2nd female.
Clapham Common. 1st Luc Burnip 17:10.
Millfield. 40th Helen Ahmad and 7th female.
Woodhouse Moor. 2nd Henry Carter 17:32 PB.
Gunnersbury. 5th Leo Timmins 17:37.
Wanstead Flats. 115th Fiona Willis 28:00 PB.

In parkrun, if you don't have your Club set to Stadium Runners - and why wouldn't you? - then your chances of your results appearing in this section are much reduced. You can amend this by editing the Groups option in your parkrun profile.
Run Leader Rota

The latest Rota for Oct - Dec is available here.

The following final event has been arranged for your delight this quarter:
  • Christmas Run Thu 21st December 
We are having issues filling the Gold Leader spot on Mondays when Simon Courtney is running one of his increasingly popular Development sessions. Also many usual Gold runners prefer to attend the Development sessions, so Gold attendance is usually low. So we have taken the decision to cancel the Gold runs when this situation occurs.

We want to stress that the Development sessions are suitable for all Bronze, Silver & Gold runners, it's just that the knock on effects of its popularity are only affecting Gold runs (at the moment).
West Yorkshire Winter League
Second race of the season is at Queensbury at 10am on Sun 3rd December. A couple of laps of a hilly field to spread things out and then off on an undulating loop the countryside.

Third race of the season is at Bramley at 10am on Sun 17th December. New last year, it is a very loopy course through the woods. Sadly clashes with the Denby Dale Travellers 6, which is on the Stadium Calendar.

Latest info on the WYWL Facebook Group.
Club Championships 2023/24

The race calendar is on the website.
No Race Type Date/Time Entry
 1 Cake Race  Trail/Hilly Sat 29th Apr 2023, 10:00 am   
 2 Bluebell  Mixed/Hilly Sun 7th May 2023, 10:00 am   
 3 Joe Percy  Road/Undulating Wed 14th Jun 2023, 7:15 pm   
 4 Lindley 10K  Road/Undulating Sun 25th Jun 2023, 9:30 am   
 5 Hepworth Trail  Trail/Hilly Wed 19th Jul 2023, 7:30 pm   
 6 Tony Audsley Flat Cap 5  Trail/Flat Tue 1st Aug 2023, 6:30 pm   
 7 Colne Valley 10K  Mixed/Hilly Sun 20th Aug 2023, 11:00 am   
 8 Ladybower Reservoir Trail Half Trail/Hilly Sat 14th Oct 2023, 11:00 am  FULL
 9 Baildon Cross-Country  Off Road/Hilly Sun 19th Nov 2023, 10:30 am   
 10 Travellers 6 Denby Dale  Road/Hilly Sun 17th Dec 2023 11:00 am link
 11 Oakwell Hall parkrun Trail/Undulating Sat 6th Jan 2024, 9:00 am  link
 12 Hoppits Hill Fell Race  Off Road/Hilly Sun 25th Feb 2024  link
 13 Ian Roberts Memorial  Off Road/Hilly Sun 3rd Mar 2024, 11:00 am  link
 14 Dentdale Half  Road/Hilly Sun 9th Mar 2024, 1pm  link
Full results & standings on the website here.

9 races gone, still 5 races left - get those races booked.

The Denby Dale Travellers 6 on Sun 17th Dec at 11am is now open for booking, but it does clash with WYWL at Bramley.

Oakwell Hall parkrun is now back on with a modified course, so all set for Sat 6th Jan.

Hoppits Hill Fell Race will be on Sun 25th Feb, but it does clash with WYWL at Stainland.
Stadium Runners Milestones & Attendance League

There are no milestones to report this month.

Attendance League

With 3 Monday and 3 Thursday sessions to go, the potential winners are


Russell Dyson and Sandra Emmerson with 36
David Miller with 35
John Cottam with 34
Janet Shaw with 33


David Miller and Thomas Schoolar with 37
Rob Buchanan with 36
Alexa Schoolar with 34


David Miller has 72. Rob Buchanan with 67 is the only person who can catch him.

John Cottam

Running Joke

Kit Shop

Here is what I have currently available and prices:

SR Racing vests - £20
Short and long sleeved white SR t-shirts - £10
Hi-vis SR training vests - £10
Short and long sleeved hi-vis SR t-shirts - £10
SR Hoodies [unzipped & zipped] - £20
SR buffs in red or hi-vis - £3 each or £5 for 2
SR woolly hat - £3
SR nylon drawstring bags - £3

Please email me if there are any items that you want.

Sue Green

Simon's SRDS and S&C
Simon's Stadium Runners Development Sessions

Mondays, usually at Leeds Road Track -

Dec 4th (Martin Wright to lead) and 18th
Jan 15th and 29th

Free for members - book via Runtogether Stadium Runners Development Sessions (free)

Simon's Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Due to the closure of the Stadium complex, I am back on the hunt for a new venue, with a view to hopefully restarting the sessions in the New Year.

Simon Courtney
Rockhopper Running

The Rockhoppers have three sessions per week. ????      
We have the Saturday morning session starting at 9.00 meeting at various coffee shops with a 6 mile off road run, then refreshments afterwards at the cafe. The pace is a steady silver pace. This session is every fortnight.

Then we have the new Hills & Speed session, starting this Tues 3rd Oct and this will go through to next Easter???? meeting at 18.30 until 19.30

See booking link for meeting point.

We also have a beginner session or if you are coming back from injury - Let’s Start Running. This session is on Saturday mornings at 11.30 for one hour, meeting at the War Memorial in Greenhead Park every week.

So please book on if you fancy some brilliant off road running, Hills & Speed work or the beginners session. ????

Please click on the links for booking & details.

The Saturday morning session

The Tuesday evening session

The Let’s start running session.
Martin Wright
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Sun 3rd Dec 10:00, WYWL 2 Queensbury

Sun 3rd Dec, IGUN Bingley Baubles 5k - marathon

Sat 9th -Sun 10th Dec, IGUN Christmas Cracker 5k - marathon

Sun 10th Dec, South Leeds Bah Humbug 10k

Sun 17th Dec 10:00, WYWL 3 Bramley (fancy dress)

Sun 17th Dec, 11:00, Denby Dale Travellers 6

Thu 28th Dec, 10:30, Ambles Revenge

Sun 7th Jan 10:00, WYWL 4 Stadium

Sun 7th Jan, IGUN Sir Titus Pie 'n' Pickle Plod 5k - ultra

Sun 21st Jan 10:00, WYWL 5 Lakers

Sun 21st Jan, IGUN Recession Run 6 hour challenge

Sun 28th Jan 9:30, Meltham Tough 10k

Sun 4th Feb, IGUN Grim Leodis 6.7m - ultra

Sun 11th Feb 10:00, WYWL 6 Pudsey

Sun 18th Feb, IGUN Bingley Bo**cks 5k - ultra

Sun 25th Feb 10:00, WYWL 7 Stainland

Sun 25th Feb, Hoppits Hill Fell Race

Sun 3rd Mar 2023, Liversedge Half

Sat 9th Mar, Dentdale Run 14.2 m (& 7.9m)

Sun 10th Mar 10:00, WYWL 8 Crossgates

Sat 16th - Sun 17th Mar, IGUN Spring Canal Canter 5k - ultra

Sun 17th Mar 10:00, Spen 20

Sun 24th Mar 9:00, Wakefield Hospice 10k

Sun 14th Apr 2024, Manchester Marathon

Sun 21st Apr 2024, London Marathon

Sun 19th May 2024, Pontefract 10k

Sun 9th Jun 2024, Marsden 10

Sun 14th Jul, 10:30, Ilkley Half
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - the new club code for November is valid until 3rd of January 2024 . The code will give you 10% off and free standard shipping (worth £4.99) on all orders. Please make sure to select United Kingdom in your shipping address to apply the promotion code without errors.

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Stadium Runners Community Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Website
Stadium Runners Twitter
Stadium Runners Strava Club

Simon Courtney's YouTube Channel
Rockhopper website
Rockhopper Saturday Off Road Running
Rockhopper Tuesday Running
Rockhopper Let's Start Running
Rockhopper Facebook Page

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.


Mark Davies

Written by:Mark Davies
On: 01st December 2023

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