Huddersfield Park Run 2018

Once again Huddersfield Park Run is to be included in the Stadium Runners Club Calendar, counting towards the Club Grand Prix and WAVA Championship competitions. Full rules are outlined below but essentially you can run as many times as you wish between the dates below with your best time counting towards your final Grand Prix and WAVA Championship score. 

It isn't essential but club members are encouraged to wear club vest or t-shirt at parkrun, it's great promotion for the club.


Rules for Submitting Times (Please read carefully!) 

  1. Your best time recorded at Huddersfield Park Run between Jan 1st 2018 and Nov 11th 2018 will count.
  2. Name of runner, date of run and gun time must be submitted to Stadium Runners Race Secretary Rob Buchanan (via the following email
  3. Please note that unlike other Calendar events it is the responsibility of the competitor to submit his/her times to the Race Secretary.
  4. Only gun times verified via the Park Run website will be eligible.
  5. WAVA times will be calculated at the end of November 2018. These will be based upon the competitor.s age on the 11th November 2018.
  6. Times may only be submitted for Huddersfield Park Run. If the normal course is altered for any reason times for that week will not be eligible.
  7. If you improve on your previous best please submit your improved time.
  8. Interim league tables will be published throughout the year so you will know the times your rivals have clocked.
  9. The Race Secretarys decision is final.

Questions? Please contact Rob using our contact form