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Ten Years of Stadium Runners

It so happened to be the Stadium Runners Awards night recently which had a dual purpose of celebrating 10 years of Stadium runners whilst embarrasing those most commited to the club over that time.

Amongst the many great contributions to a splendid night we offer:

10 Years of Stadium Runners - The Matinee

You may (or may not) appreciated the following compiled especially for the occassion by Ferg.

Stadium Runners (with a nod to Albert and the Lion)

Another highlight of the evening came from Stadium Runners resident poet Becky (Stanley Holloway) Hamer. Her lyrical evocation of all things Stadium.

There’s a famous Yorkshire town called Huddersfield

That’s noted for fresh air and fun

And some folk from round and about there

Are known to enjoy the odd run


Stadium way is where you can find them

Stadium Runners is what they are called

They’re known to be right proper friendly

With groups for abilities all

The Gold group run fastest and furthest

Determination and grit at their heart

And, like the metal they are aptly named after,

Can be pounded without breaking apart

The Silvers are growing and growing

They shine brightly like stars in pitch black

‘ though hardworking, supportive and driven

They need the occasional nudge to run back

The bronze group, (the backbone of Stadium),

Can always be found in good mood

An alloy of loyalty and friendship

They embody the club’s aim to include


And of course the No Pain No Gain Sessions

A group for the hardy, not weak

The drills demand blood, tears and sweating

Whilst perfecting your running technique


The efforts of all this training

Are reaped on the days that we race

A shared joy and a sense of achievement

Can be seen upon each glowing face

Aside from the club nights and racing

Social gatherings are known to occur

Magic Rock and Maroc are frequented

Memories of which are too often a blur

At the core of this club is a leader

Our debt to whom is beyond comprehension

He is the heart beat, the breath and the life force

Of a team that continues to strengthen


Ten years of this club is a milestone

One of many, I’m sure, yet to come

With each year we welcome new faces

Who are keen to get out there and run.


But it’s sad that we also lose members

To alternative clubs in ‘The Shire’

They’re our friends and our racing companions

Who will no longer be here to inspire

So I’ll end with a bit of a question

‘bout the future of this wonderful club

Should we spend all our time training runners

To feed Harriers and Lions? Not us!!

Written by:Ferg, Becky Hamer
On: 27th November 2015

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