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Thu 12th Dec 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Mon 16th Dec 6:30pm : Monday Training - Training run - meet at the Stadium for a warm up and a training run.

Thu 19th Dec 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Sun 5th Jan 12:00pm : Sir Titus Trot 10KM/10M - A Saltaire based run along the river by the mills owned by Sir Titus Salt.

Fri 31st Jan 12:00am : WYWL Event - Date TBC once the WYWL fixtures for 2019-20 have been agreed

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Stadium Runners is ..

.. a Huddersfield running club is based in the Stadium Health & Fitness Club at the John Smith's Stadium in Huddersfield.

Running with a group can be more fun than simply training on your own.  Making running more social can help provide the motivation to run further and/or faster. Stadium Runners provide an opportunity to train with a friendly group of runners of similar ability to yourself over a wide variety of local routes.

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Mens Grand Prix Season 19/20
1Jonny Cartwright3237
2Daniel Lock3108
3Robert Buchanan3017
4Jamie Brannan2966
5Mark Davies2897
6Adam Goodall2827
7David Miller2506
8Michael Cottam2365

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