Training Nights

Stadium Runners run from the Huddersfield Leisure Centre every Monday and Thursday evening.  We meet at 6.30pm for a quick briefing and warm-up followed by a run.trainingnight

There is no pressure to formally join the club, why not come along and run with us for a few weeks to see if we are the type of running club you are looking for. If so great - join up.  If not, no problem! 

The club has three training groups known as Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Selecting the most suitable group enables you to run with those of a similar ability, whilst providing an appropriate challenge.  Whichever group you run with no one gets left behind, as those at the front wait at pre-arranged points or run back to join the group.


This group typically runs about 5-6.5 miles and is always accompanied by a qualified Run Leader.  The group runs at roughly 10-12 minute mile pace, which is equivalent to a 60+ minute 10K time or a constant speed of 8-10km/h on the treadmill.  If you are relatively new to running or returning after an absence the Bronze group is a good place to start.


The Silver Group runs a bit further and faster than the Bronze.  Again the group is always accompanied by a leader but will cover 6-7.5 miles at a pace of roughly 8-10 minutes per mile.  This is broadly equivalent to 48-60 minute 10K time or a constant speed of 10-12 km/h on the treadmill. Silver Group runs may also include some more demanding training methods and terrain.  Choose Silver if you have been running for some time and need a challenge!   Training Night


If you are already an accomplished and possibly competitive runner, the Gold Group may be the one for you.  Gold Group runs will usually cover 8-10 miles usually at 6 to 8 minute mile pace and include plenty of hills. On occasions the run will be led but at other times it will be self-guided, with the group taking responsibility to ensure no one gets left behind.

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