Welcome to the Stadium Social Page!

Here you will find an overview of social events held throughout the year. Popular events include the annual Awards Night, drinks, meals and days out.

If members have suggestions for other social events or would like to get involved please contact Amy Oatway, Social Secretary here.

Social Secretary Member Profile

Name: Amy Oatway

Age: 20 something!

How / when did you start running?
Until late 2012, the only place I'd run to was the takeaway for cheesy chips after a night out! In an attempt to become a little healthier I started jogging on the treadmill, gave parkrun a go in 2013 before joining Stadium Runners in May 2014.

Why did I want to be Social Secretary?
I don't know about anyone else but I can barely string a sentence together whilst out running. Organising social events gives me the opportunity to get to know other members of the club often whilst participating in my favourite past time. *hiccup*

Best running achievement?
Staying vertical on Kaye Lane in Almondbury! Those that know me will know that stretch of road is my nemesis. Joking aside, completing my first half marathon in 1:47, a time I'm yet to beat (Liverpool 2015).

A run I'd rather forget...
Poor weather meant a closed river crossing and lengthened course at Bluebell Trail 10 in 2015. Neither my mind or body was willing to run further than 10 miles that day. Kudos must go to Rob Hoult who had to practically drag me over the finishing line kicking and screaming.

Pre race breakfast:
Porridge topped with banana and peanut butter washed down with a coffee or two!

Usual training week:
My weekdays are spent doing a combination of Stadium Runners training runs, spin classes and resistance training in the gym. Weekends are spent either at parkrun, racing or resting.

Kit that I can't live without:
I'm a Strava addict. I love being able to track my progress, give out kudos and the occasional bit of banter to other club members. Check out the Stadium Runners Strava Group here.

Next running goals:
Learn to pace myself better during races and stay injury free!

Social Calendar

Here's a list of social events coming up in the next 6 months. You may find out more about these on our facebook page.

... oops there aren't any here. Maybe we are too exhausted!!