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Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help resolve the problem.
Bluebell Trail 10m
A big Stadium turnout, as is usual for the Bluebell, saw 37 runners ready to take on the twin challenges of Trooper Lane and that river crossing. Lovely running weather too.
Position No   Time Name Category
4 108   1:09:28 Simon Courtney M35
5 58   1:11:30 Jamie Brannan M
8 500   1:11:47 Leo Timmins M35
12 17   1:13:24 Joe Baker M35
13 107   1:13:28 Michael Cottam M
21 79   1:17:56 Jonny Cartwright M45
30 152   1:20:53 Darren Earnshaw M40
34 494   1:22:02 Steven Taylor M35
37 258   1:22:28 James Hughes M35
48 1   1:24:24 Ashleigh Greenwood F
57 336   1:27:10 David Miller M50
60 153   1:27:50 John Eastwood M45
70 378   1:29:14 Matthew Pattison M35
76 124   1:29:32 Mark Davies M60
77 466   1:29:39 Matthew Smith M35
81 547   1:30:02 Martin Wright M50
87 204   1:30:41 Adam Goodall M40
100 205   1:32:56 Michaela Goodall F35
110 306   1:33:58 Dan Lock M
132 57   1:36:49 Scott Bradbury M35
134 239   1:36:55 Rachael Hey F
144 450   1:37:30 Kim Senior F40
147 481   1:37:48 Christina Sunderland F40
149 254   1:38:07 Chris Howarth M45
157 385   1:39:05 Andrew Pigg M55
165 387   1:39:58 Charlotte Pogson F
198 106   1:43:15 John Cottam M60
208 50   1:44:38 Anthea Bitcon F40
224 366   1:45:46 Amy Oatway F
230 131   1:46:30 Cheryl Devine F35
270 534   1:50:16 Fiona Willis F55
271 80   1:50:23 Nicki Cartwright F40
282 154   1:52:24 Sam Eastwood F45
310 474   1:56:49 Linda Spencer F50
392 151   2:10:05 Russell Dyson M70
396 368   2:10:33 Pauline Ogden F55
397 148   2:10:38 Ian Dunn M55

Ashleigh, Michaela & Rachael were our female 1-2-3.
Simon (4th), Jamie (5th), and Leo (8th) were our male 1-2-3.
Jamie deserves extra kudos due to the fact that he had spent the previous week cycling across Europe!

We also had a number of category winners:

Ashleigh Greenwood - 3rd lady
Caroline Smith - 1st F55
Simon Courtney - 1st M35
Tom Jagger - 1st M40
Mark Davies - 1st M60

Superb performance by everyone.

P.S. No one was captured on video falling in the river, so Darren's moment of glory (?) is safe for use again next year.
Calderdale Way Relay
There were top performances by all our runners in all our 3 teams at the Calderdale Way Relay.

The Men's Team A came 8th, our Club best position ever, and finished in 6:36:30, smashing the Club record by 19 minutes.

The Women's Team B came 80th overall, 10th Ladies team in 09:34:10.

The Men's Team C came 70th overall in 09:06:23.

Full results here.

Huge thanks to Helen & Ian for organising & managing the teams.

Super running!
Other Races
Several Stadium Runners ran the first Cannonball Huddersfield Town 10K. Luc Burnip (1st in 33:12), David Miller (42:44) and Martin Wright (44:34) were our top 3 males, and won the men's team prize. Rebecca McGuinness (51:13), Valerie Sullivan (51:55) and Nicki Cartwright (53:07) were our top 3 females.

Michaela (3:34:58) and Adam (3:48:54) Goodall both ran the Edinburgh Marathon.

At the Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll events, Mark Davies (3:32:47) and Scott Bradbury (3:55:38) both ran the Marathon. Ian Bitcon (1:48:56) and Katy Dronsfield (2:25:05) did the Half. Rebecca Swales (37:07) ran the 5K. Rebecca Swales & Katy Dronsfield did the 1 mile.

Over at the Riga Marathon, Kim & David Senior both finished in 3:57:57.

Anthea (2:58:17) and Ian (2:25:47) Bitcon both ran the Transvulcania Half.

Helen Clegg & Ian Sutcliffe ran in the YVAA Grand Prix race at Kirkstall, but no results published as yet.

Brilliant work everyone. Apologies if I missed anything.
Marsden 10 Mile
The club are hosting the Marsden Ten in conjunction with Colne Valley Lions on Sunday 9th June. Thanks to everyone for filling all the volunteer tasks required on the day. I will send an email about a week before the event to all volunteers giving further details.
The race limit is 300 and as at 22nd May we have 219 entries. Entries close on 3rd June so if you know anyone who is thinking of entering, tell them to get their entry in now, it is quite possible there will be no on the day entries.
I am planning a run round of the course which will start at 6pm on Saturday 1st June from Marsden Conservative Club with free buffet. The run will be at the pace of the slowest runner with an option for quicker runners to go faster and get to the bar first! If you haven't signed the list on the notice board please let me know if you intend to come.
After the race has finished on the 9th there is a free buffet for all runners for which the Lions will be providing the sandwiches, teas and coffees. We are providing the cake. I would be really grateful if everyone helping on the day could bring a cake with them or if you cannot help on the day let me have a cake beforehand. My initial objective is to supply more cakes than Sue Robertson and Steph Sayles who are in charge on the day can eat, but seriously we have 300 runners plus volunteers to feed and I would hate for the slower finishers to miss out.
I will try and be at the club on nights before the race but if you do have any queries please ring me on 01484 654005 or email on
John Cottam
No Pain No Gain Hill Sessions
What is better than a Hill Rep Session? Why, a Hill Rep Session led by Jonny Cartwright of course!

Jonny has confirmed that he will be leading a couple of Thursday night hill rep sessions in the summer months which will be incorporated into the next rota:
  • Thursday 4th July
  • Thursday 1st August
  • Thursday 5th September 
I can't promise that he has a trip to Trooper Lane planned, but you never know. Keep those dates free in your diaries...
Bridget Hughes Selected for England
Thanks to her superb time of 3:34:12 (2nd FV60) at the Manchester Marathon in April, Bridget has been selected to represent the England Masters team at the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 20th October. Sadly, she has to pay for her own England vest, but I suspect that won't be a deal breaker :)

England Athletics recognises that a significant amount of the membership of road running clubs is made up of runners aged over thirty-five years. The Age Group Masters competition programme recognises and rewards the significant contribution that these runners make to our sport. Through an annual rolling programme of qualifying events and representative opportunities they provide Masters runners with a friendly competition format and the chance to earn themselves an England Age Group Masters vest.

More info about Age Group Masters here.

Well done Bridget!

Stadium Runners Members Facebook Group

New for the 2019-20 season is the Stadium Runners Facebook ‘Members Group’. A closed group for affiliated members, with the option to join when you join/renew your membership (and you will be removed if you don’t). 

The new closed Facebook Group is just an enhancement, should you wish to use it! (Sadly, you do need a Facebook account to access it). It's a forum to advertise/plan social events and runs, ask for advice/recommendations e.g. local races and gadgets, sell running gear, advertise race entries you can no longer use (where transfers are allowed). 

Members should have received an invitation via Facebook or email. If you haven't and would like to join, please drop me an email - 


Stadium Runners Committee Meeting

Any club members are welcome to attend Committee Meetings. The next meeting is Monday 3rd June 8:15pm. We try to keep meetings short, effective and humorous!
Run Leaders Required

Ever thought about becoming a run leader? If so, Stadium Runners would love to hear from you. Run leading with Stadium Runners is a rewarding and enjoyable experience providing a chance to inspire and motivate other runners as well as develop your own skills. You get access to:
  • free training
  • a qualification
  • equipment
  • great support and advice
  • opportunity for further training and qualifications
  • and the chance to join a group of experienced and supportive run leaders
You may lead a group for your club and register with Run Together to deliver to new runners. Your qualification will provide you with insurance to lead a group within the limits of the course content. Leadership in Running Fitness will be accepted as a prerequisite course for the Coach in Running Fitness.

If you think you might be interested, speak to me on a club night or contact me on or 07540434573.

Bridget Hughes
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

The full 2019/2020 Stadium Race Calendar has now been published.

Sun 9th Jun, 10am, Marsden 10 Mile - in conjunction with Colne Valley Lions Club, Stadium Runners are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Marsden 10 Mile Run - book here

Wed 12th June, Joe Percy 10K, where local clubs slug it out. 3rd event on the 2019 Club Calendar.

Sun Jun 23rd, 10am, Colne Valley 10K. A new one from Matt Pattison. 4th event on the 2019 Club Calendar - book here

Sun 30th Jun, 9:30am, Eccup 10M, flat road race hosted by Abbey Runners. 5th event on the Club Calendar - book here.

Sun 30th Jun, 9:30am, Lindley 10K. If you are not going to Eccup, then this is a well organised hilly loop round my local patch - book here

Sat 10th Aug, 11am, Man vs Barge 5M, you go over the moors, the barge goes through the tunnel. 6th event on our club calendar. Spaces might still be available - book here.

Sun 1st Sep, 2pm, Wetherby 10K, another flat road race. 7th event on the Club Calendar - book here.

Sun 15th Sep, 11am, Beck Busters 10K, mixed terrain race up in North Yorks. 8th event on the Club Calendar - book here.
Club Discounts - use the June code to get 10% discount and free delivery
Up & Running Huddersfield - show your club membership card to get a 10% discount
Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

Stadium Runners Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Members Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Website
Stadium Runners Twitter

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 01st June 2019

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