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Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.

Covid-19 Update for Members

Based on government advice and guidance from England Athletics, all Stadium Runners activities continue to be suspended until further lockdown restrictions are lifted. At this point we will re-evaluate, taking into account the latest advice and guidance available.

To be clear, suspended activities include:

- Monday and Thursday training nights
- ‘Give Running a Go’ beginners course
- Awards Night
- Annual General Meeting

Take care and we’ll look forward to running together hopefully in the not too distant future.

Stadium Runners

England Athletics statement

Safe Running In Groups

Whilst formal club activity continues to be suspended, here are some tips for safe running in groups:

  • Running activity can take place in groups of up to six but must adhere to the latest social distancing guidance. 
  • Where there needs to be more than one group, it is recommended that a time buffer is built in to enable social distancing e.g. groups meet and set off at 10 minute intervals. 
  • Plan a route in advance, avoiding spaces where social distancing is not possible e.g. narrow paths, snickets and ginnels. 
  • Respect others when using public spaces.  It’s a run, not a race - slow down or stop if you have to let someone pass safely. 
  • We’re a social bunch and have missed each other but be mindful when speaking to one another and don’t get too close. 
  • Do not run in a group if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms.

Stadium 10K COVID Climbing Challenge

Super Saturday at the London Olympics 2012 had nothing on Super Tuesday !

That was quite the final day of the Stadium Runners climbing challenge with some frankly astonishing efforts ! The lead changed hands four times yesterday with three people spending differing amounts of time at Scammonden Dam steps. Check out the Strava activities for some odd shaped graphs. How’s everyone feeling today??

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Huge congratulations to the top four for each climbing higher than the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike by some distance. I’ll get prizes to all of you ! I’ve taken statistics from Strava, but I do think Martin Wright’s elevation should be higher on thirty reps ????‍??

Joe Baker 2,091m
Steve Taylor 1,330m
Martin Wright 1,214m
Simon Courtney 1,157m
Dan Hickling 974m
Joe Baker 809m
Simon Courtney 801m
Tom Jagger 763m
Andy Petrie 744m
Joe Baker 722m
Mark Davies 697m
Martin Wright 623m
Steve Taylor 611m
James Hughes 546m
Steve Taylor 276m
Joe Baker 256m
Bridget Hughes 249m
Mark Davies 246m

Hopefully we’ve also raised some money for charity. Once we receive our latest bank statement on parchment via pigeon post I’ll post a further and final update. Still time to donate of course.

Inspiring stuff. Well done everyone ????


(If you are on Strava then you can see Joe's epic winning effort here. Massive thanks to Darren for organising this super, but brutal, event. Mark.)

WYWL Trophies Delivered

Ashleigh took delivery of the 4 West Yorkshire Winter League trophies won by Stadium Runners. Here are the pictures of the happy recipients:

Stadium Race Calendar 2020/21

Dear Team,

As you all know the COVID Pandemic has had a huge impact on races and race schedules in 2020. As a committee we have discussed the 2020-21 race season and we have decided that it is prudent as a club to not commence a new race calendar now until April 2021.

Club members safety is our main priority and whilst there is so much uncertainty surrounding races for the rest of this year we don’t feel it is fair for members to sign up to races that may not go ahead as scheduled, potentially lose entry fees due to any postponements. Added to the equation is the scheduling clash with WYWL dates for this winter should it go ahead so we don’t feel it is worthwhile.

In regards to Bluebell Trail, Helen Windsor 10k and Heights 10k, the latter two races have been rescheduled to next summer, so barring any conflict on dates, both will be included on next year's calendar. I hope to update you on Bluebell when any announcements are made by our friends at Stainland Lions.

I hope you will all agree this is the best decision for our club, I’m sure we are all keen to get racing again, but safety must come first.

Farewell to the Folans
Martin and Helen first ran with Stadium Runners in 2014.
Martin became a member in 2015 and has been a run leader for the last 3 years. Martin will be fondly remembered for losing a runner on his ‘Train to Train’ run lead (said runner never to be seen again!).
Helen took a hiatus from training nights when she fell pregnant with their daughter Cora, before returning to training in early 2019.
Whilst running with the Club, Martin and Helen have completed 428 runs between them.
Stadium Runners would like to wish Martin, Helen and Cora all the best with their move to a neighbouring county. We will miss you.
Simon's Final Online Coaching Session

Simon Courtney has been running online coaching sessions for us on Zoom since late March to keep us on our toes during the enforced break from Stadium training. 

The final session was last Monday - big thanks to Simon for all his time & effort.

You can catch up on all the previous content and any new content that he adds in the future on Simon's YouTube Channel

Awards Night Tickets

Those that bought Awards Night tickets should alreday have received cheque refund through the post.

Further news regarding this last year’s category winners will follow.

Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, races may be cancelled or postponed

Wed 8th Jul, Helen Windsor 10K - cancelled. Entries will be carried forward to the 2021 race which will be on Wednesday 7th July 2021. If anyone would like a refund please email

Saturday 11th Jul, 11am. Heights 10K - cancelled. Entries automatically carried forward to 2021. If you cannot race in 2021, you can claim a refund - link.

Sun 20th Sep, 10am. Bluebell Trail 10m.

Sun 4th Oct, London Marathon.

Sun 11th Oct, Manchester Marathon.

Sun 18th Oct, 9:30am, Lindley 10K.

Sun 25th Oct 2020, 10am, Stadium Woodland Challenge. Help needed marshals etc. Hopefully.
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Keep on running back.




Written by:Mark Davies
On: 02nd July 2020

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