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How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Dietary Dilemmas!
Q.  Why did the orange stop in the race?
A.  It ran out of juice!

Don’t let a lack of fuel and poor diet stop you in your tracks.  Whether you’re aiming for a long-distance run, or simply want to optimise your performance on training nights, a healthy balanced diet is your starting point. What does this mean?   In broad terms, including foods from all food groups in the proportions below.  This will ensure your body receives all the nutrients it needs to optimise health, maintain a healthy weight and carry out normal day-to-day activities.
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So is running a “normal” activity?  For overall general health, government recommendations are 150 minutes of moderate activity over the course of a week.  Count two Stadium training nights and you’re just about there.  So, no adaptation from the Eatwell Guide required  - and no excuses for cake!   The reason?  Your body relies on that carbohydrate fix you had earlier ... in other words, stored glucose (glycogen) which gives you energy.
What about longer runs?

As a general guide, for events lasting 1-2½ hours, 30-60g carbohydrate per hour is recommended; up to 90g carbs >2½-3 hours.  In practical terms, 1 energy sports gel - or equivalent - every 45 minutes.  Don’t want gel?  Try a handful of dried fruit or 5-6 jelly babies, which will give you a similar amount of carbs.

So, you’ve packed your gels and water bottles, what do I eat on race day?  The key here is to give your gut as little work to do as possible to avoid ‘runner’s tummy!’  So, that means easily digestible carbohydrates, such as white toast and jam or porridge with skimmed milk, thus avoiding insoluble fibre and fat. Depending up on the duration of the race and your individual goals, you may want to start reducing your fat and fibre and increasing your carbohydrate a couple of days ahead.

Dehydration is a key indicator of poorer performance.  If a muscle is just 3% dehydrated, it can cause a 10% loss in contractible strength and 8% loss in speed.

So how much fluid do I need?  Well, there are so many variables, the answer is very ‘fluid!’  Body weight, amount of lean body mass, air temperature, body fluid loss and duration, intensity and type of exercise all come into play.  On a day-to-day level, 1½-2 litres, or 30ml/kg body weight is a guide. Prior to an event, a couple of ways to experiment:
  • 4-7ml/kg body weight four hours before an event.  This can be quite a large volume, so you would need to allow sufficient time for absorption.
  • Weigh yourself before and after your usual exercise; your weight at the end of the session should be less than a 2-3% deficit.
  • A simple way – if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!
After the event

So, you’ve got to the finish line and achieved your PB!  You may be feeling like reaching for the champagne but wait - what about your next challenge?  Post run protein is just as important as pre-run carbs.  Why?  Your muscles need to recover from all the stress you ‘ve put them under and protein will help with this through a process called Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS).   MPS is most efficient within 30 minutes to two hours post the event.  Rapidly-digested protein, combined with carbs, is suggested .  Below are some ideas:-
  • 500ml milkshake (supports fluid replacement too)
  • Cereal bar , apple, Greek yoghurt and honey
  • Large flapjack and banana
If you’re lucky enough, you might find one of the above in your take home goody bag!

Now, you’ve arrived home, slumped down on the sofa to take a well earned rest and now how it’s time for bed!  But before you retire, there’s more food to enjoy!  Recent research has shown that protein (in the form of casein) before sleep helps maintain MPS throughout the night.  Casein is a type of protein found in dairy foods such as yoghurt, cheese and milk and is digested over several hours vs whey protein which is digested more quickly.  So, a good reason to enjoy a supper snack, knowing it’s helping your body recover whilst you’re in the land of nod!

Finally – a few key reminders and top tips!
  • Avoid meals high in fat and fibre at least the day before an event
  • Aim to eat your main meal 3-4 hours before an event with a small snack 1-2 hours pre
  • Carbohydrate and protein snack 30 minutes to two  hours post event
  • Try a glass a yoghurt of glass of milk before bed
Important   All of the above is general guidance* only.  Each individual’s body is unique and you will need to work out what works for you.  I would strongly advise practicing during training – race day is not at time for experimentation.
*If anyone wishes to have a personalised nutrition plan, a specialist sports nutritionist can arrange this for you.

I hope you have found this article helpful.  Any feedback or questions on other dietary issues would be welcomed.  Either ask me at the club or e-mail

So, good luck in the race – and don’t run out of juice!

Kathy Armitage
Registered Dietitian

Membership Renewal

Dear Stadium Runners.

At the end of this month we have 82 members, up by five since end of June, that have now paid their membership fees for 2021/22 Athletic year.

If you are intending to renew your membership with the club, and eligibility to continue to run as a UKA affiliated SR in future races and participate in club night training runs, up until 31st March 2022, I would be pleased if you could arrange payment with me, before the the extended payment deadline set by UKA of 31st August 2021.

Please contact me on the email below and I am also including membership and privacy forms for you to complete and sign to return to me by email. I will send you send you BACS details on request.

Membership Form

Privacy Form


Alison Cottam

Calderdale Way Relay
As time flies by and we get closer to the UK's biggest off road relay race, please check out the Halifax Harrier's website for their official recce dates and details of the kit requirements which are mandatory for this event.
Please also make sure you have renewed your club membership before the end of August as you must be a fully paid up member to take part. 
Please don't let your club and team mates down by not renewing and not having the correct kit. Random kit checks are carried out, so don't be caught out.
Finally, you MUST wear club colours / kit (not the hi viz training t shirts !) 
Email Sue Green - to order your vest.
Thanks again,
Nicki and Jonny
West Yorkshire Winter League 2021-2022
Latest WYWL news from the WYWL Facebook Group:

Just a quick update to let you know that we are in the process of applying for a race permit for our first race of the new season. As you can imagine there is a backlog of race permits which will cause a delay. Then there may be additional requirements from land-owners and local authorities to deal with. Once we have a clear idea of what we need to do I will open-up for online entries. We have plenty of time on our side so it's all looking positive for a cracking WYWL season.
Return of parkrun
Junior parkrun events across England were able to return from Sunday 11 April 2021, and the age restriction was removed on Sun 25th July. Huddersfield, Tolson & Beaumont Park Junior parkruns all resumed on Sun 25th Apr.

Most 5k parkrun events across England returned on Saturday 24th July 2021. Huddersfield & Brighouse parkruns restarted, but the Storthes Hall multiple landowners have not yet given permission. Check out the full list of parkruns that have got approval here.
Run Leaders Required

Stadium Runners is always very grateful to all our run leaders, new and not so new. Stadium Runners simply wouldn’t happen without the dedication and commitment of run leaders who regularly give up their time to ensure all the groups stay safe and have a fun and challenging experience. But particularly over the last few months, our run leaders have been fantastic and we owe it to them that the Club has been able to offer safe and enjoyable sessions again.

We are always looking for new run leaders and can offer training, equipment and lots of support. The chance to say “not far now” and “that’s all the hills done” and other well known motivational (but not always true) phrases.

This course is now available as a virtual course. England Athletics have announced a number of dates for a new online Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course, and they plan to release more dates in the future.

If you would like to know more about how to join this amazing team, email Bridget at or ring me on 07540 434573
Bridget Hughes
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, races may be cancelled or postponed

Wed 4th Aug - IGUN Summer Evening Series 5k/10k £10/15 from Slaithwaite. 6pm registration, 6:45 10k start, 7pm 5k start. Register and meet Slawit (Slaithwaite) Outside Waves, Units 5 & 16, Upper Mills, Canal Side, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5HA. Toilets not available at the event.

Sat 7th Aug - IGUN GRIM Leodis Half/Marathon

Sun 8th Aug - Firefighters 5

Sun 12th Sep - Trail and Road Series Shepley10k

Wed 18th Aug - IGUN Summer Evening Series 5k/10k £10/15 from Huddersfield. 6pm registration, 6:45 10k start, 7pm 5k start. Register and meet at Mecca Bingo, Folly Hall Mills, Thomas Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3LT, Free Parking after 6pm, you will be directed to registration and the start and finish 200 metres away. Toilets are not available at the event.

Sun 22nd Aug - Leeds Running Festival in Roundhay Park. 5k/10k/Half.

Sat 25th Sep - Trail and Road Series Stairway to Heaven 13k & Holme Valley Trail Half

Sat 25th - Sun 26th Sep IGUN Sir Titus Trot Autumnal Trail. 5k - Ultra.

Sun 26th Sep - Calderdale Way Relay

Sun 3 Oct, 10am - Hopton 10k

Sat 9th Oct - SVN Yorkshire Cakeathon, Penistone

Sun 10th Oct - SVN Yorkshire Cookiethon, Penistone

Sat 16th Oct - IGUN 'Sithee at Slawit' Slog. 5k - Marathon

Sun 17th Oct, 9:30 - Lindley 10k - book here

Sun 13th Feb 2022, Liversedge Half

Sun 8th May 2022, 10am - Stainland Lions Bluebell Trail.

Wed 6th Jul 2022, Helen Windsor 10k.
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it on to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - use the August code – valid until 3rd September 2021. The code will give you 10% off and free standard shipping on all orders over £30 (Brooks products are excluded from this promotion).

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
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How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

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If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 03rd August 2021

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