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Alan Boothroyd, Marathon Machine

So how far is far enough? For some of us a 5k Park Run is just about right, or what about a competitive 10k? Some of you hardy souls think that a run isn’t a run until you’re over 10 miles and have included a couple of big hills. Some even enjoy regularly running marathons. Then there are those foolhardy few who actually want to spend every weekend tripping over boulders and falling in to puddles on their way round a self navigated 40 mile route. Well I think I’ve worked out how far is far enough and it is quite a distance 40 marathons in 20 days!! Yes you did read that correctly and it is a ridiculously long way. Mr Alan Boothroyd (or booby to some people) has decided that he really needs to run from Lands End to John O’Groats and that he really needs to run that far in just 20 days. Alan starts this epic challenge on Good Friday and isn’t just doing this because he’s bored he’s doing it because A. he can and B. by doing it he wants to raise as much money as possible for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

So you can help Alan in a number of ways and they are:

  • Find him on Twitter and send him plenty of encouragement.
  • Forward this story on to as many people as possible so that news of this utterly incredible challenge continues to grow.
  • Give the man some money!! Visit Alan’s Just Giving page and donate some money to what is a very, very worthy cause that really does need every penny they can get to ensure that the live saving service it provides can continue and that those choppers are in the air when they are needed most. Click this link to visit Alan’s Just Giving page and make sure you give Gift Aid it makes a massive difference

Written by:Rob
On: 22nd April 2013

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