Time Trials

Results of the Stadium runner time trial series

Results from Monday 17th of March 2014

Jonny Cartwright00:36:49
Ian Sutcliffe00:39:35
David Miller00:40:08
Dave Nichols00:40:38
Martin Page00:42:04
Rob Buchanan00:42:04
Steve Hall00:43:29
Steve Taylor00:46:26
Lee Tiplady 00:46:35
Leighton Stead00:46:55
Craig Shaw00:47:13
John Tayler00:47:25
Matt Carter00:47:30
Andy Pigg00:47:44
Laurel Gilbert00:47:46
Andy Rawson00:48:44
Steve Annakin00:49:19
Josh Smith00:50:07
Kathy Armitage00:50:09
Jo Coop00:50:43
Carl Lecomber00:51:29
Sue Green00:53:07
Catherine Carney00:55:33
Linda Spenser00:55:48
Steph Sayles00:55:48
Charlotte Briggs00:56:05
Russell Dyson00:57:14
Dorothea Annison00:57:30
Alison Cottam00:58:36
Jackie Brewerton00:58:50
Hilary Booth01:02:05