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[Stadium Runners] Newsletter - November 2021

Hi Mark

Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.
Sun 3rd Oct, Chester Marathon. Steve Carson came 29th in a PB 2:50:12 and was 4th MV40. Chrissy Sunderland finished her 1st marathon in 4:04:56 and was 124th female.
Sat 9th Oct, Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race. Kieran O'Prey came 152nd in 3:28:49. Jonny Cartwright came 177th in 3:39:45.
Sat 9th Oct, Yorkshire 3 Peaks. Michael Cottam was 93rd in 4:06:38. Darren Earnshaw was 155th in 4:25:23. Ben Ayres was 212th in 4:38:41. Andy Petrie was 274th in 4:53:46.
Sun 10th Oct, Manchester Marathon. Joe Baker finished in 2:41:59. Ashleigh Greenwood finished in 3:27:39. John Sayles finished in 3:50:27. Anouska Higo finished in a PB 3:59:54. 
Sun 10th Oct, Manchester Half. Peter Martin finished in a PB of 1:23:10. Val Sullivan finished in 2:15:28.

Sun 10th Oct, Yorkshire Marathon.

Tom Howarth came 132nd in 3:01:12.

On her England Masters debut, Anthea Bitcon came 672nd and 87th female in 3:42:38.

Sun 10th Oct, Yorkshire 10 Mile.

Leo Timmins came 9th in 57:54.

Charlotte Pogson came 463rd & 124th female in 1:23:44.
photos courtesy Mick Hall

Sun 17th Oct, Lindley 10k.
     Place   Name  ChipTime
1   Luc Burnip 00:33:29
6   Michael Cottam 00:38:13
38   Mark Davies 00:44:34
45   Martin Wright 00:45:22
90   Caroline Smith 00:49:09
99   Christina Sunderland 00:49:32
127   John Cottam 00:52:00
259   Val Sullivan 01:02:06
276   James Gudgeon 01:03:33
304   Russell Dyson 01:06:46
Sun 24th Oct, Leeds Abbey Dash. Simon Courtney came 106th in a PB 33:14 (that completes PBs for Simon for 5k, 10k, Half & Marathon in 2021!). Luc Burnip came 112th in 33:26. Lynn Birchall came 375th, 76th female and 2nd Fv50 in 40:00. This should qualify Lynn for the England Masters 10k team! Matthew Donnelly came 578th in 43:30.
Sun 24th Oct, Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Joe Baker finished 3rd in 2:34:06 and was 1st M35. Ashleigh Greenwood finished 114th and 8th lady in 3:17:23 and was 1st F30.
Brilliant work everyone! More races to come. Apologies if I missed your race. Feel free to let me know about your racing achievements.
parkrun Highlights

Sat 2nd Oct, Huddersfield parkrun. Andrew Bowett finished 1st in 16:52. Michael Cottam finished 5th in 17:43. Kieran Welsh came 29th in a PB 20:52. Becky Wilson came 94th in a PB 23:45.

Sat 9th Oct, Huddersfield parkrun. Tom Jagger came 2nd in 17:08. Steve Carson came 8th in 19:26. Chrissy Sunderland came 77th in a PB 23:06.

Sun 16th Oct, Huddersfield parkrun. Joe Baker came 1st in a PB 16:22. Simon Courtney came 2nd in 16:41. Michael Cottam came 5th in 17:59. Tom Jagger came 7th in 18:18.

Sat 23rd Oct, Huddersfield parkrun. Michael Cottam finished 3rd in 17:25. Steve Carson finished 4th in 17:31.

Sat 30th Oct, Huddersfield parkrun. Simon Courtney finished 2nd in 17:12, Tom Jagger finished 3rd in 17:17.
Sat 20th Oct, Brighouse parkrun. Peter Martin came 1st in 18:28.
Pumpkin Run
We had a fantastic evening at our annual pumpkin run! ????

Thank you to all our runners for taking part! We had some great photos this year, including a real life spider! Along with some dubious ones as always ????

Silver Demons were the deserved winners!

Congratulations to Stephanie Sayles for winning the fancy dress prize! ????

A big thank you to Linda Spencer for the post run snacks and treats, and for the prizes too!
Run Leader Rota

The Rota for Oct - Dec is available here.
Stadium Racing

What could possibly make your Mondays better than a list of races for us to participate in between now and March 2022. From April 2022 we hope to resurrect a full Race championship with the usual amount of races.

In the meantime to get us in the zone please find below a chosen list of races where hopefully we can get a decent turnout in-between the West Yorkshire Winter League Fixtures.

Penistone Footpath Runners Penistone Hill Race 7 Mile 28th November £10.00 Entry

Penistone Footpath Runners Ambles Revenge 29th 8 Miles December £12.00

GRIM Grim Leodis Half Marathon Saturday 5th February 2022 £25

Rother Valley10k Sunday 6th March 2022 £20.00

Sheffield Half Marathon Sunday 27th March 2022 £31.30

Get entering!

Matt Smith
Plant-based Diets

Spinach is high in iron: true or false?

Fans of Popeye may think true – but why the question?  With the increasing popularity towards plant-based diets – whether that be in regard to animal welfare, carbon footprint or health benefits, achieving a nutritionally balanced diet means more than cutting out meat!
A ‘plant-based’ diet means just that – plant based, i.e. predominately rather than exclusively derived from plants, thus representing a distinction from a vegan diet.  Anyone who chooses to eat meat - ideally avoiding processed products - can achieve a healthy balanced diet by limiting cooked meat to 350-500g per week; in practical terms, two palm-sized steaks or 70-90g sliced meat per day.  If choosing to cut down further, cut out altogether or simply contemplating a shift towards a more sustainable diet, there are a few nutrients to be mindful of to avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Protein can easily be incorporated into the diet with pulses, nuts and seeds, or tofu, as examples.  These foods however are not classified as ‘complete protein’, i.e. they do not contain the full range of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), so you need to include a variety at each meal, eg, mixing a variety of different pulses.  If not vegan, eggs and dairy are excellent sources.

Like the flavour of meat but without actually eating it?  Plant-based Meat Substitutes (PBMS) or ‘mock meats’ are an emerging market, designed to mimic the taste of meat. These products are an interesting concept – but early days in terms of health benefits and carbon footprint – let alone cost! Some can be high in fat and salt, so opt for minimally processed products, eg. Quorn mince or plain tofu.

How much protein do I need?  Current guidance for the general population is 0.8kg per kg; requirements increase for strength and endurance athletes up to 1.2-2kg, depending on the level of training.
Vitamin B12

Too little of this vital vitamin can result in fatigue, anaemia, nerve damage and may also increase your risk of heart disease. Fortunately, we only need small amounts in the diet and the body is capable of storing it for many years.  However, it is only available naturally from animal foods.  Those who regularly eat eggs and dairy will unlikely become deficient.  If vegan, vitamin B12 can be obtained from fortified foods, eg. fortified breakfast cereals, yeast extracts (great for Marmite lovers!), soya yoghurts and plant-based dairy alternatives.  Check the product labelling to ensure it is fortified  and don’t assume all breakfast cereals are; good old-fashioned porridge oats, despite being excellent for health – and a great pre-run carb load – is not fortified!

Supplements are another alternative, particularly if vegan.  Whether eating fortified foods or supplements, absorption varies, depending on the dose and your body’s needs.  The Vegan Society recommends:
  • eat fortified foods at least twice a day, aiming for 3mcg vitamin B12 a day, or
  • take a supplement of at least 10mcg daily or at least 2000mcg weekly.  Confused by the maths?  Essentially, the less frequently you consume the vitamin, the more you need.

Omega-3 is important for heart and brain health.  It is termed an ‘essential’ nutrient, essential meaning the body cannot make it by itself so it needs to come from the diet.  It is a type of fat, the richest source being oily fish; popular choices include salmon, sardines and mackerel and it is recommended to eat one portion eg. a palm-sized fillet of salmon or a tin of sardines or mackerel, per week.

Not a fish lover?  Nuts, seeds and their oil derivatives  such as rapeseed, hemp and flaxseed provide essential Omega-3, though evidence suggests the body struggles to convert plant-based sources (ALA omega-3)  into the animal-based equivalent (EPA and DHA omega-3) to meet the body’s needs.  Some experts suggest double quantities are needed for vegans, for instance, two tablespoons of hemp seeds or a tablespoon chia seeds or ground linseeds and six walnut halves daily. 

EPA and DHA from algae are available in the form of supplements; more research is needed on the health implications for vegans.

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin!  Why?  Without the sun, or with the help of a supplement, we would all be deficient in vitamin D.  Vitamin D’s main function is to maintain bone health by absorbing calcium, though it has many other important functions, including maintaining healthy teeth and muscles.  Much research is also underway on its role in immunity.

The vitamin is made in the kidneys via absorption of UV rays through the sun.   90% of the body’s requirements are made in this way – but – the strength of the sun is key!  Maximum absorption occurs only when you are in the sun for 20-30 minutes without sun protection in the middle of the day when your shadow is shorter than your self. This is usually in the summer months (April to September) between 11am and 3pm.  In theory, this should enable us to store the vitamin to take us through the winter but in recent years it has been discovered this not the case, hence why NHS England has advised all adults take a 10mcg vitamin D supplement in the winter months.
Where does food fit in?  Sadly, only 10% is derived from food, good sources being oily fish, eggs, wild mushrooms, and fortified products, eg. fat spreads and breakfast cereals.   If you like offal, you’ll also get a good dose from liver and kidney.

So, alongside vitamin D, calcium (a mineral) is the other key ingredient for bone health.  700mg is recommended per day for adults up until the menopause, for women, when the body’s needs increase to 1200mg. Dairy products contain the highest amounts per serving. For example, 150g pot yoghurt, 250ml milk or 30-40g hard cheese will give you approximately 240g calcium.

Don’t eat dairy?  Fortified plant-based milk alternatives (dairy-free) are good sources and will provide equivalent amounts of calcium per portion as dairy.  As mentioned, calcium works in partnership with vitamin D to aid absorption; hence why you’ll notice dairy-free products (‘organic’ varieties being the exception) are fortified in both.  They can settle at the bottom of the carton however, so a good tip is to shake it each time before use.

Other good sources of calcium include dried fruit, almonds, oranges, dark green leafy veg (eg, kale, cabbage, and broccoli), red kidney beans, sesame seeds, tahini and tofu.   If you like sardines, a 140g can provide up to a third or half your day’s requirements – check the tin though to ensure it contains the bones as this is where the calcium is stored.

Zinc is necessary for the immune system and also important for growth and development in childhood.  Plant-based sources of zinc include wheatgerm, beans, nuts, seeds, mushrooms and some fortified breakfast cereals.  Eggs and milk are good animal sources.

Plant-based sources benefit from other foods to help absorption, eg. fermented soya beans, dried kidney beans, sprouted grains and seeds.

Iodine could be considered a lesser known and therefore overlooked mineral which some population groups are becoming deficient in.  Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormones which control the body’s metabolism.  It is also needed for normal bone and brain development in pregnancy and infancy.  Dairy and seafood are the main sources.  The iodine content of plant foods is variable due to the content in the soil; foods closer to the sea tend to be higher – but can be too high – thus it is not recommended to eat sea vegetables (eg. seaweed, samphire, kelp, kombu) more than once a week.

Few dairy milk alternatives are fortified in iodine, so it’s worth shopping around for one that it is.

Vegans and vegetarians who do not eat dairy or seafood are most at risk and may want to consider taking a supplement, which should no more than 0.5mg per day; high doses over a long period of time can affect the way the thyroid gland works.  Kelp supplements are not recommended as the amount stated can vary considerably from what is stated on the label.

Finally, iron!  Many of you will have heard that spinach is high in iron, either through watching Popeye or through other social or media sources.  As a vegetable, it is a good source of iron – but as with all plant-based sources, it needs a helping hand – a bit like zinc – to help it absorb into the body.  The help comes in the form of vitamin C, so serving your spinach with citrus veg or fruit, eg. some tomatoes or a small glass of orange juice, will optimise your iron absorption.

So, did Popeye follow this rule to get his strength?  What other factors were at play?  Tannins, found typically in tea but also coffee, chocolate and wine can all inhibit iron absorption.  So, maybe Popeye’s strength was as much to do with avoiding stimulants as it was with his spinach consumption!
In summary

There are lots of benefits to following a plant-based diet and there is more than one way to have a healthy diet; a little knowledge and careful planning will help ensure it is nutritionally balanced.  Whatever diet you choose to follow, I hope you have found this article of interest – and hopefully useful if you’re planning a Veganuary!
Any feedback or questions on other dietary issues would be welcomed.  Either ask me at the club or e-mail

Kathy Armitage
Rockhoppers Join Staduim

Two Rockhoppers are joining Staduim runners - Ian Whalley and Kirsty Roden. Both are excellent runners.

These two runners are new to club running. So let’s make them very welcome at Staduim Runners.

Martin Wright
Bronze, Silver & Gold Groups
Places on our runs are currently limited to 24 plus Run Leader(s). 

In the meantime, we wanted to refresh everyone's memory on the structure and pace of our Bronze, Silver and Gold groups, just to make sure everyone is able to run with the most suitable group for them each week. 
Bronze - The Bronze group typically covers around 5-6.5 miles at roughly a 10-12 minute mile pace. Our Bronze group currently has a Run Leader and Run Assist. This will allow us to offer a split, if required.
Silver - The Silver group usually covers between 6 and 8 miles. The pace of this group is around 8 - 10 minute miles dependant on the route, which is likely to involve more elevation. The Silvers currently have a Run Leader and Run Assist. This will allow us to offer a split, if required.
Gold - The Gold group tends to cover a minimum of 8 miles, often running up to 10 miles. The routes are slightly more challenging and will be covered at around 8 minute miles, although this is subject to the route plan and elevation. The Gold group has a Run Leader and does not have a Run Assist. 
With all of our groups, we run back, meaning no one ever gets left behind. A regroup point will be given by the Run Leader and the quicker runners will always loop back for those at a steadier pace. So, if you feel ready to change your group and up your pace, you can be assured that you will be well looked after! 

We know that there isn't one particular group that will fit each runner all the time, and encourage all runners to run in the group most appropriate to their current level of fitness and ability. If you are unsure which group is the right one for you, then please do drop us a message or chat to a Run Leader and we'll point you in the right direction! 
Thank you

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

West Yorkshire Winter League 2021-2022
WYWL is fast approaching, with the first race taking place in Baildon on 7th November!

The committee have shared the information below on the WYWL page so I wanted to post it here too to make sure all of our runners have seen it.

I have everyone’s race numbers now. I’ll be down at Simon’s session on Monday, the Halloween run on Thursday and at club the following Thursday for you to collect them. I’ll bring them all on race mornings too. Please remember safety pins on race day!

If you need a club vest please contact Sue Green.

Bring on the mud!

The latest news on the Stadium hosted WYWL event on Sun 13th Feb is that Storthes Hall may be back on as the venue. Tom Jagger is working hard to try and get a route together that works around the ongoing tree works on the site.

Don't forget to keep Sun 13th Feb free in your diaries to come along and help marshal the event.
Trial Stadium Running

Have you got a running friend who hasn't yet experienced the delights of Stadium Runners?

The good news is if they want to have a couple of trial training runs with the Club, then it can be arranged.

Just send Alison their name & email address to and we will send them the details.
Run Leaders Required

Editor's note - We have a particular issue with Gold Leads at the moment. If any of the faster Club Runners fancy stepping up and training as a run leader, that would be really appreciated.

Stadium Runners is always very grateful to all our run leaders, new and not so new. Stadium Runners simply wouldn’t happen without the dedication and commitment of run leaders who regularly give up their time to ensure all the groups stay safe and have a fun and challenging experience. But particularly over the last few months, our run leaders have been fantastic and we owe it to them that the Club has been able to offer safe and enjoyable sessions again.

We are always looking for new run leaders and can offer training, equipment and lots of support. The chance to say “not far now” and “that’s all the hills done” and other well known motivational (but not always true) phrases.

This course is now available as a virtual course. England Athletics have announced a number of dates for a new online Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course, and they plan to release more dates in the future.

If you would like to know more about how to join this amazing team, email Bridget at or ring me on 07540 434573
Bridget Hughes
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Sun 7th Nov, 10:30 - WYWL 1 Baildon

Sun 7th Nov, 10:30, Cop Hill Fell Race - Facebook link

Sun7th Nov, 10:30, Sowerby Bridge Snails Flat Caps 10k

Sat 13th Nov, IGUN Kirkstall Abbey Trail Running Festival 8.8m - Ultra

Sun 21st Nov, 10:00 - WYWL 2 Northowram Pumas

Sun 28th Nov, 10:30, Penistone Footpath Runners Penistone Hill Race 7m

Sat 4th - Sun 5th Dec, IGUN Christmas Cracker 5k - Ultra

Sun 5th Dec, 10:00 - WYWL 3 Dewsbury

Sun 12th Dec, IGUN Bingley Baubles, 5k - Marathon

Sat 18th - Sun 19th Dec, IGUN Elsecar Trail Running Festival 5k - Marathon

Sun 19th Dec, 10:00 - WYWL 4 Queensbury (fancy dress)

Sun 19th Dec, Denby Dale Travellers 6

Wed 29th Dec, 10:30, Penistone Footpath Runners Ambles Revenge 8m

Sun 9th Jan 2022, 10:00 - WYWL 5 Pudsey

Sun 23rd Jan 2022, 20:00 - WYWL 6 Leeds Lakers

Sun 30th Jan 2022, 9:30 - Meltham Tough 10k

Sat 5th, IGUN Leodis Half & Marathon

Sun 6th Feb, 9:00, provisional date for Dewsbury 10k

Sun 13th Feb, 2022, 10:00 - WYWL 7 Stadium

Sun 13th Feb 2022, Liversedge Half

Sun 27th Feb, 10:00 - WYWL 8 Stainland

Sun 20th Mar, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Windmill 6

Sun 8th May 2022, 10:00 - Stainland Lions Bluebell Trail

Sat 18th Jun, Summer Wine Trails School Run

Fri 24th Jun, Summer Wine Trails Holme Valley 5 Miler

Sun 26th Jun, 909:30, Lindley 10k

Wed 6th Jul 2022, Helen Windsor 10k book here

Sun 17th Jul, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Toss O'Coin 

Wed 20th Jul, Summer Wine Trails Hepworth Trail

Sun 21st Aug, 10:00, Huddersfield Road Series Colne Valley 10k Challenge

Sun 11th Sep, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Shepley 10k

Sat 1st Oct, Summer Wine Trails Stairway To Heaven / Holme Valley Trail Half
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it on to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - use the new club code for November. Please note this is 15% off AW21 only, as our Black Friday sales starts on the 17th November, the normal 10% off everything will be back to normal next month.

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Stadium Runners Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Members Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Website
Stadium Runners Twitter
Stadium Runners Strava Club

Simon Courtney's YouTube Channel
Rockhopper Running RunTogether Runs
Rockhopper Facebook Page

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 03rd November 2021

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