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[Stadium Runners] Newsletter - January 2022

Hi Mark

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.
WYWL 3 - Dewsbury @ Mirfield
(photo Laura Jackson)
The Mirfield course is a tough one and no mistake - Gareth Eagleton appears to be scarred for life! The course amendments this time didn't appear to make it any easier, and the full lap of the field thrown in at the end was plain evil. Here is how our runners performed:
Position First Name Surname Category Gender M Pos F Pos Points
2 Luc Burnip M Open M 2   499
13 Tom Jagger M40 M 13   488
14 Leo Timmins M40 M 14   487
16 Jamie Brannan M35 M 16   485
19 Simon Courtney M35 M 19   482
26 Michael Cottam M Open M 26   475
51 Kieran O'Prey M35 M 50   451
57 Darren Earnshaw M40 M 54   447
71 Andrew Doig M50 M 66   435
74 Ashleigh Greenwood F Open F  Female 6 495
85 Adam Goodall M40 M 79   422
102 Matt Pattison M40 M 93   408
106 Mark Davies M60 M 97   404
123 Michaela Goodall F40 F  Female 14 487
132 Martin Wright M55 M 116   385
151 Andrew Smithson M50 M 132   369
167 Jason Rayne M50 M 142   359
192 Gary Jackson  M50 M 160   341
211 Kathy Armitage F50 F  Female 40 461
234 Ben Jackson  M Open M 185   316
242 Andrew Pigg M55 M 192   309
273 Sharron Broadley F55 F  Female 69 432
286 John Cottam M65 M 212   289
313 Carl Lecomber M60 M 224   277
379 Russell Dyson M70 M 239   262

Stadium had super results on the day. The Male team came 1st with 3367 points .The Female team came 12th with 1875 points. The Vets team came 3rd with 1462 points. The Super Vets team came 8th with 1400 points. Overall Stadium came 8th with 5242 points. 
WYWL 4 - Queensbury

A very cold day up at Queensbury - is it ever anything else? A slightly tweaked course from previous outings, but it followed a similar format of a couple of loops around the field, the off into the tracks & paths, returning for a final loop of the field before an uphill finish. This is how our runners performed:
Position First Name Surname Category Gender M Pos F Pos Points
7 Joe Baker M35 M 7   494
10 Jamie Brannan M35 M 10   491
11 Tom Jagger M40 M 11   490
14 Leo Timmins M40 M 14   487
16 Simon Courtney M35 M 16   485
48 Kieran O'Prey M35 M 46   455
57 Darren Earnshaw M40 M 51   450
66 Adam Goodall M40 M 60   441
71 Andrew Doig M50 M 65   436
77 Robert Buchanan M45 M 70   431
84 Matt Pattison M40 M 77   424
96 Mark Davies M60 M 88   413
116 Michaela Goodall F40 F  Female 14 487
123 Ian Whalley M35 M 108   393
137 Matt Smith M40 M 119   382
153 Jason Rayne M50 M 130   371
155 Andrew Smithson M50 M 132   369
212 Chris Howarth M45 M 172   329
221 Kathy Armitage F50 F  Female 45 456
227 Amy Oatway F Open F  Female 47 454
237 Ben Jackson  M Open M 187   314
249 Andrew Pigg M55 M 192   309
250 Anouska Higo F40 F  Female 58 443
253 Sharron Broadley F55 F  Female 61 440
274 Carl Lecomber M60 M 202   299
285 John Cottam M65 M 204   297
291 Fiona Willis F55 F  Female 85 416
354 Russell Dyson M70 M 228   273

Another great day for Stadium. The Male team came 3rd with 3352 points (only 9 points behind the 1st team). The Female team came 9th with 2280 points. The Vets team came 2nd with 1472 points. The Super Vets team came 7th with 1305 points. Overall Stadium came 3rd with 5632 points.
Penistone Footpath Runners Ambles Revenge
The first of Matt's select race list, Ambles Revenge, took place on a Wednesday morning, which is unusual to say the least. Nine Stadium Runners rose to the challenge, and here is how they got on:
Pos   Name Category Category Pos      Net Time      Gun Time
5   Michael Cottam MSEN 3/32 58:04:00 58:06:00
31   Andrew Doig MV55 2/25 01:05:14 01:05:19
43   Robert Buchanan MV45 7/29 01:09:30 01:09:35
70   Matin Wright MV55 7/25 01:14:16 01:14:18
97   Matt Smith MV40 17/29 01:18:26 01:18:34
180   John Cottam MV65 9/12 01:30:39 01:31:07
188   Amy Oatway FSEN 19/24 01:32:44 01:33:12
195   Fiona Willis FV55 5/12 01:35:15 01:35:42
197   Carl Lecomber MV60 8/11 01:35:22 01:35:50

Super running all!
Other Racing!
Sat 4th Dec, K12 Canarias Anaga. Matt Smith finished 60th in 1:21:42. Amy Oatway finished 161st and 29th female in 1:39:07. Nick Greenwood finished in 204th in 1:49:25.

Sat 4th Dec, IGUN Christmas Cracker 10m. James Hughes came 1st in 1:13:51.
Sun 5th Dec, Valencia Marathon. Joe Baker finished 251st in a PB time of 2:31:06 which is a new Stadium Club Record!

Sun 5th Dec, Percy Pud 10k. Andrew Bowett finished 36th in 35:03.

Sun 5th Dec, Runable Pieathlon. Ian Whalley came 2nd in 32:34.
Sun 19th Dec, Aintree Half. Matthew Pearson finished 1st in 1:08:32 which is a new Stadium Club Record and a London Marathon Championship Qualifying Time!. Ashleigh Greenwood finished 57th and 4th female in a PB 1:29:17.
Sun 19th Dec, Denby Dale Travellers 6. Thomas Schoolar came 7th in 40:46. Caroline Smith came 47th in 49:04 and was 1st FV60. Alexa Schoolar came 75th in 54:15. Steve Schoolar came 103rd in 57:44.
Tue 28th Dec, Coley Canter. Joe Baker finished 1st in 53:32. Leo Timmins finished 4th in 58:39 and was 1st M40. Kathy Armitage finished 67th in 1:26:02. Andrew Smithson finished 68th in 1:26:09. Russell Dyson finished 121st in 1:58:29.
Thu 30th Dec, IGUN Bridlington Marathon Day 1. Joe Baker finished 1st in 2:49:39. Ashleigh Greenwood finished 4th in 3:35:49 and was 1st Lady. That was Ashleigh's 40th marathon/ultra.

Fri 31st Dec, IGUN Bridlington Marathon Day 2. Joe Baker finished 1st in 2:57:09. That was Joe's 63rd marathon/ultra.
Brilliant work everyone! More races to come. Apologies if I missed your race. Feel free to let me know about your racing achievements.
parkrun Highlights

Sat 11th Dec, Huddersfield parkrun. Peter Martin came 2nd in a PB 17:07. Leo Timmins came 3rd in 17:12. Michael Cottam came 4th in 17:30. Ashleigh Greenwood came 12th and 1st female in a PB 19:14 which was also a Stadium Club Record!

Sat 11th Dec, Brighouse parkrun. Simon Courtney came 1st in 17:07.

Sat 18th Dec, Huddersfield parkrun. Joe Baker came 1st in 16;38. Peter Martin came 3rd in a PB 16:49. Leo Timmins came 4th in 17:14. Tom Jagger came 5th in 17:25. Steve Carson came 6th in 17:28.

Sat 25th Dec. Michael Cottam came 4th in 17:31. Joe Baker came 5th in 17:49. 

Sat 25th Dec, Glossop parkrun. Peter Martin came 2nd in 18:52.

Sat 1st Jan. Michael Cottam came 2nd in 17:34. Leo Timmins came 3rd in 17:53. Steve Carson came 5th in 18:15. Tom Jagger came 6th in 18:37. Joe Baker came 10th in 18:52. 
Run Leader Rota

The Rota for Jan - Mar is available here.
Stadium Attendance Records

The club passed the 50,000 run mark on club nights in December since we started in 2005.

The most runs have been done by David Miller 1,252, John Tayler 870, Alison Cottam 838, Rob Buchanan 721 and Sue Robertson 699.

In 2021, 3 runners did 30 runs on Monday nights, John Cottam. Russell Dyson and Jason Rayne with Saima Hussain on 29.

In 2021 Matt Smith with 31 did most Thursday runs followed by Rob Buchanan 30 and Fiona Willis 28.

In 2021 Rob and Saima did the most runs overall with 55 each followed by Matt Smith on 54.

Anouska Higo passed 100 runs in December whilst Andy Pigg and Matt Smith are currently on 399 runs and Helen Ahmad on 99.


John Cottam

Stadium Racing

What could possibly make your Mondays better than a list of races for us to participate in between now and March 2022. From April 2022 we hope to resurrect a full Race championship with the usual amount of races.

In the meantime to get us in the zone please find below a chosen list of races where hopefully we can get a decent turnout in-between the West Yorkshire Winter League Fixtures.

Penistone Footpath Runners Penistone Hill Race 7 Mile  - rearranged date 16th January 2022 £10.00 Entry

GRIM Grim Leodis Half Marathon Saturday 5th February 2022 £25

Rother Valley10k Sunday 6th March 2022 £20.00

Sheffield Half Marathon Sunday 27th March 2022 £31.30

Get entering!

Matt Smith
Club Support Fund Application

The club is going to apply for UKA funding with the aim of encouraging the return of existing members to training nights as well as attracting new members.

We are looking to relaunch the successful ‘Give running a go’ sessions but our plan is to have them led by UKA qualified coaches as opposed to relying entirely on our run leaders.

If there are any of our members who have this coaching qualification, or if any of you know of anyone who has and would be interested, could you please contact me.

Fiona Willis
West Yorkshire Winter League 2021-2022
WYWL 5 - Pudsey Pacers @ Tong

Race venue Parkwood Outdoors Tong Bradford BD4 0RR (near Tong Garden Centre).

Parking onsite, please leave enough time to park and make your way to start. 4 portaloos at start/finish area.

New 5 mile course, more parkland than previous and less hilly. Download a course map here.

MEGA Raffle and hot food and drinks etc at DRIGLINGTON CRICKET CLUB BD11 1JU signs from venue. Please support, there is plenty of outdoor space.
Stadium @ Storthes Hall

We’ve had our race license to host our cross country race at Storthes Hall approved, so we are now asking for help marshalling the event. Unfortunately The Venue at Storthes Hall will not be open for our event due to changes in opening times - all car parking will be within the old Storthes Hall site (I think this makes things easier). We will be providing portaloo’s and possibly a burger van.
Tree felling is due to commence again at the top part of the woods but a rough map of the route is below:
In total we require around 40 marshals which includes car parking and the route itself. We would like to see as many Stadium Runners running as possible so please feel free to contact friends and family to help out.
To volunteer please send a reply to In a few weeks we will have marshal points finalized.
Finally, Stadium bakers will be out in force to say a big thank you to any volunteers!
Calderdale Way Relay - Sun 15th May 2022
This splendid event is coming around once again.

Stadium are looking to put together 4 teams for the race - your chance to join the lovely runners shown above. Full details are in the separate email sent out recently.

If you are interested in taking part, please email Jonny on  or Kieran on, and thry will put the teams together.
Bronze, Silver & Gold Groups
Places on our runs are currently limited to 24 plus Run Leader(s). 

In the meantime, we wanted to refresh everyone's memory on the structure and pace of our Bronze, Silver and Gold groups, just to make sure everyone is able to run with the most suitable group for them each week. 
Bronze - The Bronze group typically covers around 5-6.5 miles at roughly a 10-12 minute mile pace. Our Bronze group currently has a Run Leader and Run Assist. This will allow us to offer a split, if required.
Silver - The Silver group usually covers between 6 and 8 miles. The pace of this group is around 8 - 10 minute miles dependant on the route, which is likely to involve more elevation. The Silvers currently have a Run Leader and Run Assist. This will allow us to offer a split, if required.
Gold - The Gold group tends to cover a minimum of 8 miles, often running up to 10 miles. The routes are slightly more challenging and will be covered at around 8 minute miles, although this is subject to the route plan and elevation. The Gold group has a Run Leader and does not have a Run Assist. 
With all of our groups, we run back, meaning no one ever gets left behind. A regroup point will be given by the Run Leader and the quicker runners will always loop back for those at a steadier pace. So, if you feel ready to change your group and up your pace, you can be assured that you will be well looked after! 

We know that there isn't one particular group that will fit each runner all the time, and encourage all runners to run in the group most appropriate to their current level of fitness and ability. If you are unsure which group is the right one for you, then please do drop us a message or chat to a Run Leader and we'll point you in the right direction! 
Thank you

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Rockhopper Running

We are launching Rockhopper Tuesday, Hills & Speed sessions????????. This will start on the first Tuesday in January (4th) for 13 weeks.

This session will be one hour from 6.30 until 7.30 pm, the session will be focused on hills and speed techniques. This will be hard work but very rewarding for strength & fitness, the sessions will go hand in hand with the Winter X country series. This will add a great boost to the training plan, building the fitness level up through the winter, so in spring you will be great shape.

Rockhopper Tuesday Hills & Sprints


Trial Stadium Running

Have you got a running friend who hasn't yet experienced the delights of Stadium Runners?

The good news is if they want to have a couple of trial training runs with the Club, then it can be arranged.

Just send Alison their name & email address to and we will send them the details.
Run Leaders Required

Stadium Runners is always very grateful to all our run leaders, new and not so new. Stadium Runners simply wouldn’t happen without the dedication and commitment of run leaders who regularly give up their time to ensure all the groups stay safe and have a fun and challenging experience. But particularly over the last few months, our run leaders have been fantastic and we owe it to them that the Club has been able to offer safe and enjoyable sessions again.

We are always looking for new run leaders and can offer training, equipment and lots of support. The chance to say “not far now” and “that’s all the hills done” and other well known motivational (but not always true) phrases.

This course is now available as a virtual course. England Athletics have announced a number of dates for a new online Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course, and they plan to release more dates in the future.

If you would like to know more about how to join this amazing team, email Bridget at or ring me on 07540 434573
Bridget Hughes
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Sun 9th Jan 2022, 10:00 - WYWL 5 Pudsey

Sun 9th Jan, IGUN Sir Titus Trot 5k - Ultra

Sun 16th Jan, 10:30, Penistone Footpath Runners Penistone Hill Race 7m

Sun 16th Jan, IGUN Skipton Skidaddle 5k - Ultra

Sun 23rd Jan, IGUN Feckin Frickley Frollock 5m - Ultra

Sun 23rd Jan, 20:00 - WYWL 6 Leeds Lakers

Sun 30th Jan, 9:30 - Meltham Tough 10k

Sat 5th Feb, IGUN Leodis Half & Marathon

Sun 6th Feb, 9:00, provisional date for Dewsbury 10k

Sun 13th Feb, 10:00 - WYWL 7 Stadium

Sun 13th Feb, Liversedge Half

Sat 26th Feb, IGUN Bingley Bo**ocks 5k - Ultra

Sun 27th Feb, 10:00 - WYWL 8 Stainland

Sun 6th Mar, 10am, Rother Valley 10k

Sun 20th Mar, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Windmill 6

Sun 27th Mar, 9:30am, Sheffield Half Marathon

Sun 3rd Apr, Manchester Marathon

Sun 8th May, 10:00 - Stainland Lions Bluebell Trail

Sat 18th Jun, Summer Wine Trails School Run

Fri 24th Jun, Summer Wine Trails Holme Valley 5 Miler

Sun 26th Jun, 909:30, Lindley 10k

Wed 6th Jul, Helen Windsor 10k book here

Sun 17th Jul, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Toss O'Coin 

Wed 20th Jul, Summer Wine Trails Hepworth Trail

Sun 21st Aug, 10:00, Huddersfield Road Series Colne Valley 10k Challenge

Sun 11th Sep, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Shepley 10k

Sat 1st Oct, Summer Wine Trails Stairway To Heaven / Holme Valley Trail Half
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it on to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - the new club code for January is valid until 2nd February 2022 . The code will give you 10% off and free standard shipping on all orders.

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Stadium Runners Facebook Group
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Stadium Runners Website
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Simon Courtney's YouTube Channel
Rockhopper Running RunTogether Runs
Rockhopper Tuesday Hills & Sprints
Rockhopper Facebook Page

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 05th January 2022

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