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[Stadium Runners] Newsletter - February 2022

Hi Mark

Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help to resolve the problem.
Sun 9th Jan, WYWL 5 - Pudsey @ Tong
We've been to the Off Road Centre at Tong before, but the course had been tweaked this time. There was a bit more running around the fields, and a bit less on the tracks through the woods. Still fun though. Here is how our runners performed:
Position First Name Surname Category Gender M Pos F Pos Points
9 Tom Jagger M40 M 9   492
14 Leo Timmins M40 M 14   487
16 Joe Baker M35 M 16   485
17 Michael Cottam M Open M 17   484
34 Kieran O'Prey M35 M 31   470
58 Andrew Doig M50 M 50   451
89 Mark Davies M60 M 81   420
98 Adam Goodall M40 M 90   411
114 Michaela Goodall F40 F  Female 12 489
118 Ian Whalley M35 M 106   395
129 Martin Wright M55 M 114   387
133 Matthew Donnelly M Open M 118   383
139 Matt Smith M40 M 123   378
146 Jason Rayne M50 M 129   372
157 Andrew Smithson M50 M 134   367
213 Andrew Pigg M55 M 172   329
215 Kathy Armitage F50 F  Female 42 459
220 Amy Oatway F Open F  Female 46 455
228 Chris Howarth M45 M 181   320
231 Anouska Higo F40 F  Female 48 453
248 Ben Jackson  M Open M 192   309
268 John Cottam M65 M 201   300
281 Sharron Broadley F55 F  Female 74 427
289 Carl Lecomber M60 M 211   290
297 Fiona Willis F55 F  Female 83 418
341 James  Gudgeon  M Open M 230   271
368 Russell Dyson M70 M 238   263

Stadium had great results on the day. The Male team came 3rd with 3289 points .The Female team came 7th with 2283 points. The Vets team came 2nd with 1468 points. The Super Vets team came 5th with 1330 points. Overall Stadium came 4th with 5572 points. 
Sun 23rd Jan, WYWL 6 - Leeds Lakers @ Middleton Woods
(photo Laura Jackson)

A similar, but slightly extended to 5.6 miles, course compared to our last visit here. A dry morning, and the temperature wasn't too bad for January. This is how our runners performed:
Position First Name Surname Category Gender M Pos F Pos Points
6 Joe Baker M35 M 6   495
12 Tom Jagger M40 M 12   489
15 Leo Timmins M40 M 15   486
16 Simon Courtney M35 M 16   485
21 Michael Cottam M Open M 21   480
24 Andrew Bowett M40 M 24   477
37 Kieran O'Prey M35 M 35   466
54 Matt Pattison M40 M 51   450
74 Ashleigh Greenwood F Open F  Female 7 494
110 Mark Davies M60 M 97   404
126 Matthew Donnelly M Open M 110   391
138 Ian Whalley M35 M 121   380
152 Matt Smith M40 M 132   369
174 Jason Rayne M50 M 150   351
195 Andrew Smithson M50 M 164   337
212 Kathy Armitage F50 F  Female 35 466
237 Chris Howarth M45 M 195   306
258 Amy Oatway F Open F  Female 49 452
259 Charlotte Pogson F Open F  Female 50 451
268 Andrew Pigg M55 M 215   286
286 John Cottam M65 M 221   280
289 Ben Jackson  M Open M 222   279
303 Carl Lecomber M60 M 227   274
356 James  Gudgeon  M Open M 251   250
398 Russell Dyson M70 M 264   237

Another great day for Stadium. The Male team came 1st with 5241 points. The Female team came 12th with 1863 points. The Vets team came 15th with 984 points. The Super Vets team came 9th with 1221 points. Overall Stadium came 9th with 5241 points.
WYWL - Season So Far After 6 Races
Super performance by all our teams, but extra kudos to the Male team. Let's hope everyone can keep it up for the last 2 races.
Sun 16th Jan, Penistone Footpath Runners Penistone Hill Race
The second of Matt's select race list. The Penistone Hill Race was originally the first in the list, but was delayed in November due to Storm Arwen. A 6.5 mile mostly trail race with over 1100ft of climb and plenty of mud was the order of the day. Eight Stadium Runners took part, and here is how they got on:
Position Name Category Time
8 Michael Cottam M Senior 49:14:00
18 Kieran O'Prey M Senior 53:15:00
23 Jonny Cartwright M50 53:51:00
49 Mark Davies M60 59:40:00
107 John Cottam M65 75:06:00
110 Carl Lecomber M60 76:22:00
116 Fiona Willis F55 78:47:00
135 Nicki Cartwright F40 85:13:00

Mark Davies was 1st M60. Michael, Kieran & Jonny were 3rd male team. Excellent running all!
Sun 30th Jan, Meltham Tough 10k
(photos courtesy of Laura Jackson)

Not an official run for Stadium, but a big turnout none the less for this hilly local classic. We definitely struck it lucky with the weather. Nestling in the sweet spot between storms Malik & Corrie, the conditions were cold, but perfect, with a blue sky and no wind. 19 Stadium runners ran on the day, and it was great running all round:
Pos    M    F    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
5 5   Andrew Bowett M40 (001/034) 00:37:06
21 21   Matthew Pattison M40 (008/034) 00:41:14
26 25   Jonny Cartwright M50 (002/037) 00:42:06
45 40   Matthew Donnelly MS (011/028) 00:43:45
48 43   James Hughes M40 (011/034) 00:43:54
60 53   John Eastwood M50 (007/037) 00:45:05
79 69   Mark Davies M60 (001/017) 00:46:15
99 86   Matt Smith M40 (021/034) 00:47:50
125   17 Caroline Smith F60 (001/011) 00:50:22
133   20 Kathy Armitage F50 (002/024) 00:50:56
156   29 Charlotte Pogson FS (011/026) 00:52:36
163   31 Helen Ahmad F45 (004/015) 00:53:44
176 136   John Cottam M65 (002/009) 00:54:21
191 144   Andrew Pigg M55 (011/020) 00:55:42
199 147   Ben Jackson MS (022/028) 00:56:11
239   67 Fiona Willis F60 (004/011) 00:58:40
254   75 Nicki Cartwright F40 (012/019) 01:00:07
261 182   Carl Lecomber M60 (013/017) 01:00:38
335 209   Russell Dyson M70 (007/007) 01:16:05

Andrew Bowett was 5th and 1st M40. Mark Davies was 1st M60. Caroline Smith was 1st F60.
Other Racing!
Sun 16th Jan, Brass Monkey Half. Jamie Brannan came 88th in a course PB of 1:16:49. Steve Carson came 93rd in a PB 1:17:07. Andrew Bowett came 107th in a PB 1:17:45.
Sat 22nd Jan, Hoofstones Fell Race. Darren Earnshaw came 36th in 1:19:35.
Brilliant work everyone! More races to come. Apologies if I missed your race. Feel free to let me know about your racing achievements.
parkrun Highlights

Sat 1st Jan. Huddersfield parkrun. Michael Cottam came 2nd in 17:34. Leo Timmins came 3rd in 17:53. Steve Carson came 5th in 18:15. Tom Jagger came 6th in 18:37. Joe Baker came 10th in 18:52. 

Sat 8th Jan. Brighouse parkrun. Joe Baker came 2nd in a PB 18:14.Jonny Cartwright came 7th in 19:37.

Sat 15th Jan. Huddersfield parkrun. Joe Baker came 2nd in 17:22. Kieran O'Prey came 14th in a PB 18:40.

Sat 15th Jan. Brighouse parkrun. Jonny Cartwright came 8th in a PB 19:19.

Sat 22nd Jan, Huddersfield parkrun. Michael Cottam came 2nd in 17:26. Joe Baker came 3rd in 17:37.

Sat 29th Jan, Huddersfield parkrun. Leo Timmins came 4th in 18:21.
Run Leader Rota

The Rota for Jan - Mar is available here.
West Yorkshire Winter League 2021-2022
Stadium @ Storthes Hall
Hi All,

Thank you to all that did the XC course walk through on Saturday. There are still a couple of areas on the route that need ironing out, but we are very nearly there - a massive tree falling across the route hasn't helped!

Marshals, please have a read through of the marshal notes:

Please let me know if you have any questions at all -

We still need a volunteer to help with the raffle - I'm sure between us we can sort something out!

Donations of raffle prizes are still very welcome.

Tom Jagger
Following on from Ashleigh's request last week, re: the raffle at the WYWL XC on 13th Feb. I have coaxed Fiona into trying to arrange this with myself, and support from Laura Jackson.

Some beers have already been kindly donated, but we are in need of some more prizes! If anyone has any wanted Christmas gifts that they feel would be appropriate, or would be happy to purchase a bottle of wine, chocolates, etc, with their next food shop then these would be very gratefully received!

Also, if anyone else is willing to help out on the day- Fiona and myself are marshalling on the course, and Laura’s taking photos, so it’s going to be a rush getting back to the Clothiers Arms to get things set up. The more of us involved in this, the smoother it should run, and hopefully earn some money for the club ????????

Anouska Higo
Kit Shop

Here is what I have currently available and prices:

SR Racing vests - £20
Short and long sleeved white SR t-shirts - £10
Hi-vis SR training vests - £10
Short and long sleeved hi-vis SR t-shirts - £10
SR Hoodies [unzipped & zipped] - £20
SR buffs in red or hi-vis - £3 each or £5 for 2
SR woolly hat - £3
SR nylon drawstring bags - £3

Please email me if there are any items that you want.

Sue Green

'Thousands have lived without love, not one without water’ (W H Arden)
Water – whether pure or a component of other fluids – is vital for life.  We need it for many bodily functions, such as transporting nutrients around the body, lubricating joints, healthy kidney function and controlling body temperature and blood pressure.   Approximately two-thirds of our bodies are made up of water; based on a 70kg male, that’s about 45L!  This volume however does not remain static; we need to regularly “top up” our fluid to ensure good hydration.  So how much fluid do you we need – and what counts as ‘fluid?’

Fluid requirements

How much fluid an individual needs depends on many variables – age, activity levels, degree of sweating, medication, pregnancy, breastfeeding – and of course, the weather!  Guidance ranges from 1200-1600ml (or 6-8 x 200ml glasses) up to 2000ml.  Adding food sources of fluid into this, ie. ‘total water’, adequate intake has been set at 2000ml (females) and 2500ml (males). Such huge variation!  So how do I know if I am getting enough?  Dark urine, headaches, poor concentration, low blood pressure (may feel light-headed) dry skin and fatigue - including poor running performance -are all signs of poor hydration.  The observant readers will note that thirst is not one of them!  Feeling thirsty and your body is already dehydrated.

Fluid and exercise

Good day-to-day hydration in the lead up to any exercise is key.   A reliable indication as to how much fluid you need is to look at your urine; if not a light straw colour, you need to start drinking slowly and regularly until it changes colour.   This strategy should continue after exercise, though the degree of sweat loss is also important – the more output, the more input!  Another useful guide for anyone who likes to work in fixed quantities, can weigh themselves before and after exercise; the general consensus is that for every 2lb (1kg) lost, we need to replace 1-1½ L fluid.

Drinking regularly, rather than all at once, will help regulate hydration status – but avoid drinking too much water, without replacing salts – although rare, it can be dangerous.


As mentioned above, healthy fluid balance requires sodium - the active component of salt.  In a healthy state, the body receives adequate sodium from healthy food staples, such as bread, breakfast cereals, and cheese.  It does not therefore need the help of high salt foods such as cured meats, sausages, high salt soups, sauces and gravies, salted crisps and nuts and highly processed ready meals. Too much salt and the body requires more water to absorb it, increasing blood pressure in the process.  Dehydration can start to occur >one hour exercise, especially in warm weather, so you may need to replace any salt lost through sweat, urine, etc.  Importantly, everyone has different sweat rates, so knowing your own body is often the best guide. 

Commercially available isotonic sports drinks are an option but why not try making your own?  Simply add 800ml water to 200ml squash (not sugar free) and a pinch of salt.
Maintaining hydration

Which drinks count as fluid?

In contrast to popular belief, most drinks count, including tea and coffee. Clear fluids however will provide the greatest hydration, so including some pure or sparkling water, herbal and fruit teas or sugar-free squashes will help.  Other fluids include decaffeinated tea/coffee, smoothies and fruit juices.

Which foods count towards fluid?

Most fruit and vegetables are 80-90% water and therefore count towards overall fluid intake.  Think watermelon!  Other useful sources include yellow melon, apples, pears, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes and spinach.  Fruit and vegetables also contain electrolytes, particularly potassium, which works alongside sodium to keep the body in fluid balance and control blood pressure.
Semi-fluids – by definition - also count.  Examples are soups, sauces, gravy (ideally low in salt), custard, and yoghurts – foods which flow!  Sugar-free jelly, although solid (or wobbly!), is essentially water.

Tap water or bottled water 

As water is an essential requirement for health, tap water in the UK is more closely regulated than bottled water.  Of course, it is also free!  The government is now supporting water companies, high street retailers and coffee shops to offer refill points to people to top-up their water bottles for free – take a look at

Take away tips
  • Use recommended fluid requirements as a guide
  • Assess how your own body feels – any indications of dehydration?
  • Look at your urine colour
  • Know your sweat rate and ensure lost salt is replaced during/after exercise
  • Consider the whole diet (food and fluid) when increasing fluid intake
  • Drink small amounts regularly – and avoid drinking too much fluid without replacing salt losses
Any feedback or questions on other dietary issues would be welcomed.  Either ask me at the club or e-mail

Kathy Armitage
Running Milestones

There is only one milestone this month. Congratulation to Claire Tasker on reaching 100 runs.

John Cottam

Stadium Racing

What could possibly make your life better than a list of races for us to participate in between now and March 2022. From April 2022 we hope to resurrect a full Race championship with the usual amount of races.

In the meantime to get us in the zone please find below a chosen list of races where hopefully we can get a decent turnout in-between the West Yorkshire Winter League Fixtures.

GRIM Grim Leodis Half Marathon Saturday 5th February 2022 £25

Rother Valley 10k Sunday 6th March 2022 £20.00

Sheffield Half Marathon Sunday 27th March 2022 £31.30

Get entering!

Matt Smith
Heights Ultra Trail
Heights Ultra Trail returns on Saturday September 3rd 2022. As last year, a variety of distances are available:

Heights 10km

Heights 50km

Heights 50 mile

Check Heights Ultra Trail out on the t’interweb
Calderdale Way Relay - Sun 15th May 2022
This splendid event is coming around once again.

Stadium are looking to put together 4 teams for the race - your chance to join the lovely runners shown above.

If you are interested in taking part, please email Jonny on  or Kieran on, and they will put the teams together.
Simon's SRDS and S&C
For booking details of the S&C session, please contact Simon on or 07882 836798.
Rockhopper Running

Just a reminder about the Rockhoppers Tuesday which is the hills & speed session. We have 8 sessions left. Some if would like to join us please book on the link. ??????????????
Rockhopper Tuesday Hills & Sprints
Rockhopper Running RunTogether Runs


Martin Wright
Trial Stadium Running

Have you got a running friend who hasn't yet experienced the delights of Stadium Runners?

The good news is if they want to have a couple of trial training runs with the Club, then it can be arranged.

Just send Alison their name & email address to and we will send them the details.
Run Leaders Required

Stadium Runners is always very grateful to all our run leaders, new and not so new. Stadium Runners simply wouldn’t happen without the dedication and commitment of run leaders who regularly give up their time to ensure all the groups stay safe and have a fun and challenging experience. But particularly over the last few months, our run leaders have been fantastic and we owe it to them that the Club has been able to offer safe and enjoyable sessions again.

We are always looking for new run leaders and can offer training, equipment and lots of support. The chance to say “not far now” and “that’s all the hills done” and other well known motivational (but not always true) phrases.

This course is now available as a virtual course. England Athletics have announced a number of dates for a new online Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course, and they plan to release more dates in the future.

If you would like to know more about how to join this amazing team, email Bridget at or ring me on 07540 434573
Bridget Hughes
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

Sat 5th Feb, IGUN Leodis Half & Marathon

Sun 6th Feb, 9:00, Dewsbury 10k

Sun 13th Feb, 10:00 - WYWL 7 Stadium

Sun 13th Feb, Liversedge Half

Sat 26th Feb, IGUN Bingley Bo**ocks 5k - Ultra

Sun 27th Feb, 10:00 - WYWL 8 Stainland

Sun 6th Mar, 10am, Rother Valley 10k

Sun 13th Mar, 10:00, Spen 20

Sun 20th Mar, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Windmill 6

Sun 27th Mar, 9:30am, Sheffield Half Marathon

Sun 3rd Apr, Manchester Marathon

Sun 8th May, 10:00 - Stainland Lions Bluebell Trail

Sun 15th May, Calderdale Way Relay

Sat 18th Jun, Summer Wine Trails School Run

Fri 24th Jun, Summer Wine Trails Holme Valley 5 Miler

Sun 26th Jun, 909:30, Lindley 10k

Wed 6th Jul, Helen Windsor 10k book here

Sun 17th Jul, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Toss O'Coin 

Wed 20th Jul, Summer Wine Trails Hepworth Trail

Sun 21st Aug, 10:00, Huddersfield Road Series Colne Valley 10k Challenge

Sat 3rd  Sep, Heights Ultra Trail
Heights 10km
Heights 50km
Heights 50 mile

Sun 11th Sep, 11:00, Huddersfield Road Series Shepley 10k

Sat 1st Oct, Summer Wine Trails Stairway To Heaven / Holme Valley Trail Half
Newsletter Articles
I'm sure you're all getting bored of me droning on in the newsletters, so if anyone feels that they would like to write an article for inclusion in a future newsletter, then please send it on to me at Subject - anything you like with at least a vague running connection. It could be a race report, stuff about training or nutrition, a book review etc.
Club Discounts - the new club code for February will be valid until 2nd March 2022. The code will give you 10% off and free standard shipping on all orders.

Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
Useful Stadium Links

How to cancel a Booked Run on RunTogether

Stadium Runners Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Members Facebook Group
Stadium Runners Website
Stadium Runners Twitter
Stadium Runners Strava Club

Simon Courtney's YouTube Channel
Rockhopper Saturday Off Road Running
Rockhopper Tuesday Hills & Sprints
Rockhopper Facebook Page

If you have a piece that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.

Keep on running back.


Mark Davies



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 02nd February 2022

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