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Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you and I will try and help resolve the problem.
(Wo)Man v Barge, Sat 10th Aug, 11am
The next event our Club Calendar is a bit different. It starts at Tunnel End, Marsden (though you are advised to park at Marsden station and have a warm up jog 1/4 mile along the canal to Tunnel End). At 11am, the barge sets off down the tunnel, and the runners set off up around Pule Hill and over the moors. Looking at the map, it seems to share quite a bit of route with the Cake Race, so if you did that, it may help. The barge is limited to 4 mph, so I'm guessing that most of us should beat it, though it doesn't have any hills to contend with!

It's about 5 off-road miles in total, and ends up at the Diggle Hotel for a chip butty. What's not to like? After that, it is a couple of miles walk to the station and a train back to Marsden, or a steady run back retracing your steps, whatever takes your fancy.
Inter Club Challenge - Thu 11th Jul Orienteering vs Stainland at West Vale

Stainland Lions are the 2019 Challenge Shield Champions, well done!

A big thank you to John, Jim and their team for organising a fantastic, enjoyable, orienteering event.

Pinky & the Brains were the top scoring Stadium team on 192 points, and 2nd team overall. Huge congrats to Matt, Nick & Rob.

Full results are here.

In the Inter Club Challenge, history now stands at Stainland Lions 2 Stadium Runners 4

Conti Thunder Run
Conti Thunder Run is a 24 hour endurance event, where teams, pairs or solo runners run as many loops of a 6 mile trail circuit as they can in the allotted time. From Stadium, there were 1 mixed, 1 male, and 1 female teams, plus a solo runner.

Chris Howarth ran solo, and completed 4 laps in 21:31:42 and was 89th solo male.

Team Biscuit Knees - John Eastwood, Matt Smith, Dan Lock, Matt Pattison & Nick Greenwood - completed 22 laps in 24:39:18 and were 29th male team.

Five on a Secret Trail - Sam Eastwood, Michaela Goodall, Anthea Bitcon, Amy Oatway & Jess Earnshaw - completed 23 laps in 24:37:26 and were 6th female team.

Team Kebab - Ashleigh Greenwood, Dan Hickling, Jamie Brannan, Luc Burnip & Joe Baker - completed 31 laps in 24:25:51 and were 1st mixed team!

An absolutely brilliant effort by all those who took part!
Other Races
Lindley 10K, Sun 30th Jun. Luc Burnip came 1st in 33:35. Awesome.

YVAA. Bingley Tue 23 Jul. Mick Lunn came 73rd male in 48:51, John Cottam came 113th male in 55:24.

Helen Windsor 10K, Wed July 3rd. Simon Courtney came 5th in 35:16, and 2nd M35. Sandra Emmerson was 1st F50, and Becky McGuinness was 2nd F35. This race was also the YVAA 10K race and Sandra won the 1st F50 prize, and Becky the 2nd F35 prize.

Leeds 10K, Sun 7th Jul. Luc Burnip came 4th in 32:10. Dan Lock got a PB in 44:42. John Vigurs, Kathy Armitage, Stephen Foxcroft, Melanie Tasker & Claire Tasker also all had great runs.

Holme Moss Fell Race, Sun 21st Jul. Michael Cottam, Andy Petrie and Darren Earnshaw all finished the race. Excellent.

Brighouse 10K, Sun 21st Jul. Gareth Eagleton (3 min PB), David Wilkinson, Rebecca McGuinness, Val Sullivan & Diane Kolat all had great runs.

Borrowdale Fell Race, Sat 3rd Aug. Jonny Cartwright finished in 16:15:17, Ian Sutcliffe finished in 16:26:48. Sadly, Darren Earnshaw had to retire after over 4 hours on the fells. Superb effort by all three.

York 10K, Sun 4th Aug. Melanie Tasker, Claire Tasker and Hilary Booth all did great. Melanie & Claire ran their fastest 10Ks of 2019. 

Huddersfield 5K Park Series. Luc Burnip came 1st in two out of the three events.

parkruns. Steve Carson finished 1st Hudds 20/4, 2nd Brighouse 27/4 & 1st Brighouse 3/8. Michael Cottam finished 1st Brighouse 27/4 & 2nd Penistone 3/8. Luc has been prised away from Huddersfield and finished first at Conkers, Keswick & Chadderton Hall parkruns.

Brilliant work everyone. Apologies if I missed anything.
Hopton 10K

I had an email from Rob MacDonald about a new local race:

I am starting up a new 10k multi-terrain running race over in Mirfield and I wondered if you’d be kind enough to mention it to your members. I thought some of them may be interested as it's so close. It’s a run I’m organising to help support our local school - Hopton Primary.
The race is on Sunday the 6th October and starts at 10 am from the Hopton Primary School playing fields (WF14 8PR).
The race should be great fun and the course covers woodland, bridleways and a bit of quiet road. I’ve tried to give it a bit of everything and I see it as a good introduction to trail racing for people who have mainly just done road running before.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and if you could mention it around I’d really appreciate it.
The website is:
Many thanks,
Rob MacDonald.
Social Events

Jonny & Nicki have been very busy organising things for us to do when not running:

Weds 11th September — Away Run at Sowerby Snails followed by food/drink at Sowerby Cricket Club

Sun 13th October — Post Manchester Half Marathon drinks in town If you've never run a half marathon before, this is an ideal one to start with, then celebrate your success afterwards back in Huddersfield!

Sun 20th October - Athletics Event trip. Come and support our very own Bridget 'pocket rocket' Hughes representing England at the Yorkshire Marathon - cowbells optional!

Sat 14th December — Christmas drinks in Huddersfield. Informal meet up involving fun, frolics (& fruit juice!)

Sat 18th April 2020 — Awards Night Glitz & Glamour celebrating achievements
Stadium Runners Vest Survey

Hi all

As mentioned in the July newsletter, we would like to get members’ feedback on the race vest colour. Please see the link below.

Please not that the current discussion is just on colour. The two vests in the photo above aren't the two we are choosing between, they are just there as a guide for comparing colours.

Only vote if you are a current Stadium Runners member and please only vote once.

We will leave the survey open until 11th August.



Stadium Runners Committee Meeting

Any club members are welcome to attend Committee Meetings. The next meeting is Monday 2nd Sep 8:15pm. We try to keep meetings short, effective and humorous!
Upcoming Local Events for Local Runners

The full 2019/2020 Stadium Race Calendar has now been published.

Wed 7th Aug, 7:30pm, YVAA Grand Prix race at Halifax - details here.

Sat 10th Aug, 11am, (Wo)Man vs Barge 5M, you go up over the moors, the barge goes through the tunnel. 6th event on our club calendar. Sold out. - details here.

Mon 12th Aug - Train 2 Train run. Bronze, Silver & Gold groups from the Stadium, but we will all be running along the canal to Marsden. Time for a quick beer (or whatever) before getting the train back to Hudds and a quick run back to the Stadium.

Wed 21st Aug, 7:30pm, YVAA Grand Prix race at  York - details here.

Sun 1st Sep, 2pm, Wetherby 10K, another flat road race. 7th event on the Club Calendar - book here.

Sun 15th Sep, 11am, Beck Busters 10K, mixed terrain race up in North Yorks. 8th event on the Club Calendar - book here.

Sun 15th Sep, 11am, Shepley 10K. Matt Pattison's lovely hilly 10K - book here.

Sun 22nd Sep, 9am, YVAA Championship Hull Marathon. Could be your chance for a vets trophy - book here.

Sat 28th Sep, 10am Holme Valley Trail Half Marathon and 11am Stairway to Heaven. Book here.

Thu 10th Oct, 7:15pm, YVAA Championship 5K at York.

Sun 13th Oct, 9am, Manchester Half Marathon. Flat, fast and with great PB potential. 9th event on the Club Calendar - book here.

Sun 20th Oct, 9:15, Holmfirth 10K. No 15 mile option this year :( - book here.

Sun 3rd Nov, 10am, Guy Fawkes 10m, Ripley, N Yorks. 10th event on the Club Calendar - book here  (note 889 of the 1000 available places have already gone at time of writing)

Sun 10th Nov, 11:02am, YVAA Grand Prix race at Spenborough - details here.

Sun 5th Jan, 12 noon, Sir Titus Trot 10K & 10M. 11th event on the Club Calendar - book here
Club Discounts - use the August code to get 10% discount and free delivery
Up & Running Huddersfield - show your club membership card to get a 10% discount
Top 2 Toe Therapy at Bradley -10% discount on sports & remedial therapy
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Keep on running back.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 05th August 2019

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