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Welcome to the Stadium Runners Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed about what has happened and what will be happening in the wonderful world of Stadium Runners. Please contact me if it is still being marked as spam for you.
Sun 21st Oct, Holmfirth 15 Mile / Holmfirth 10K

There were points up for grabs in both the 10K and 15M races in Holmfirth.

16 members completed the 10K option including 4 top 10 finishers!

Our first 3 finishers:

1st Simon Courtney (3rd overall)
2nd Leo Timmins
3rd Steve Carson

1st Ashleigh Greenwood (2nd lady overall)
2nd Amy Oatway
3rd Jess Earnshaw

Extra kudos to the 9 members who chose the 15M option.

1st Jamie Brannan
2nd Darren Earnshaw
3rd James Hughes

1st Anthea Bitcon
2nd Sam Eastwood

Great to see members out on the course supporting and, Jessica Earnshaw, I hear that those blondies were delicious!

Well done everyone. NPNG track session is on offer tomorrow night plus the usual groups... what a better way to recover!

Full results:

Grand Prix & WAVA

So now only the Abbey Dash 10K and parkrun remain...

Here's what the top of the tables look like right now.
Women's Grand Prix  
1 Ashleigh Greenwood 400 pts
2 Michaela Goodall 394 pts
3 Anthea Bitcon 389 pts
Women's WAVA  
1 Ashleigh Greenwood 396 pts
2 Michaela Goodall 389 pts
3 Anthea Bitcon 385 pts
Men's Grand Prix  
1 Simon Courtney 399 pts
2 Jamie Brannan 399 pts
3 Steve Carson 384 pts
Men's WAVA  
1 Simon Courtney 400 pts
2 Mark Davies 393 pts
3 Jamie Brannan 391 pts

The women's competitions seem pretty well decided, but no-one seems interested in submitting their parkrun time so far, so that may still have an effect. Simon & Jamie go head to head in Leeds to decide the Men's Grand Prix. And I will need the right results at Leeds to keep Jamie out of 2nd place in the Men's WAVA :)
Full results are available to view on the website here.

Don't forget to submit your best Huddersfield parkrun time of the year to Matt Smith before the deadline of Sun 11th Nov 2018. Full rules & regs about submitting your parkrun time can be found on the website here.
Abbey Dash 10K

The Abbey Dash 10K kicks off at 9:30am in Leeds on Sun 4th Nov. There's bound to be a huge turnout from Stadium Runners for the last race of season. At present, the forecast is for 10°C, light rain and a gentle breeze.
Other Races

Chicago Marathon. Well done to David & Kim Senior who both trekked over the pond and completed the marathon in 4 hours 37.

York Marathon & 10 Mile. Michaela & Adam Goodall and Dan Lock complete their first marathon alongside old timer Steve Taylor, who is now over halfway to his goal of completing 100 marathons. A number of members did the 10 mile option - Martin Folan, Katrina Cliffe, Claire & Melanie Tasker.

Roche Abbey Trail Marathon was won by Joe Baker after running a PB at Chester Marathon just 7 days before.

Manchester Half Marathon. Simon Courtney bagged himself a PB (1:14:56) and Sam and John Eastwood got some training in ahead of racing in warmer climates later on in the year.

Awesome work by everyone.
Upcoming Events

Two old favourites are open for booking:

Sun 3rd Feb, 9am, Dewsbury 10K - fast & flat PB material - book here

Sun 17th Feb, 11am, Liversedge Half Marathon - ideal post Awards night pick me up - book here

The UK Athletics clubrun programme supports coaches, leaders & runners through a series of practical sessions.The sessions consist of 3 visits over 3 months, each lasting 90 mins to 2 hours, and will be delivered by Stuart Hale, an experienced coach. The sessions will focus on technique, race preparation and injury prevention. They will include an endurance specific warm up & cool down, and an informal discussion.

All 3 of our sessions are at the Leeds Road Track:
  • Mon 1st Oct (already gone, and it was very well received)
  • Mon 5th Nov
  • Mon 3rd Dec
A booking sheet for the November session is on the notice board at the club now, sign up on there, or email us to book a place.
Monday Night Training
Date  Session Type  Meeting Location
5 Nov  UKA Coaching Session  Leeds Rd
12 Nov  NPNG Track  Stadium
19 Nov  NPNG Hill Reps  Stadium
26 Nov  NPNG Track  Stadium
3 Dec  UKA Coaching Session  Leeds Rd
10 Dec  NPNG Track  Stadium
17 Dec  NPNG Hill Reps  Stadium

GoodGym has arrived in Huddersfield! For those who are not aware GoodGym are a national community of runners who choose to get fit by doing good. GoodGym runners meet up on a weekly basis, then run in a group to a location where they volunteer to perform practical tasks.  These tasks assist community groups, charities, public spaces and other local organisations.

Tasks can be anything involving physical activity that a group of GoodGym volunteers can work on for a period of 30-45 minutes. There are many, many things GoodGym runners can do, including…..
  • Gardening, weeding, clearing parks, community gardens/ open spaces
  • Moving heavy furniture or other items
  • Litter picking and tidying communal areas
  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Sorting, picking and packing
GoodGym runs are designed to be fun, social and suitable for a wide range of runners, no one ever gets left behind.  There is no regular commitment required, you can simply turn up and get involved as you wish. Just in case you are wondering, running with GoodGym is entirely free too. GoodGym runners are true volunteers, motivated to do something that benefits the local community at the same time as getting fit themselves.  

If GoodGym sounds good to you just come along to the Stadium on a Tuesday evening. If you have questions about any aspect of GoodGym you can also call Saul on 07840892151, email or speak to him on a Stadium Runners club night.
West Yorkshire Winter League Cross Country
Looking forward to the 18th Nov at Baildon! I didn't run it last time, but bleak seemed to be a common description from those that did :)
Awards Night
To bring our race calendar in line with the UKA membership year (April - March) and to give us something to look forward to in the depths of winter, our Awards Night will take place on Saturday 16th February 2019.
Club Discounts - use the November code to get 10% discount and free delivery
Up & Running - show your club membership card to get a 10% discount

That's all for now. If you have anything that you want including in a future newsletter, or you have any questions on anything in this edition, then please contact me.



Written by:Mark Davies
On: 02nd November 2018

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