The Marsden 10


Entry List

This is the Entry List for the 2019 Marsden 10 so far.

Postal Entries may take some time to appear here.

Name Club
Kate Aiken
Hannah Andrews
Nicola Appleyard Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Paul Armitage Stainland Lions
Kathy Armitage Stadium Runners
Robert Ashcroft Stainland Lions
Rob Austin-Howarth Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Alice Austin-Howarth Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Stephanie Bailey Meltham AC
Andrew Baird Stainland Lions
Aileen Baldwin Stainland Lions
Kasia Baldwin Stadium Runners
Rhona Barker Swinton Running Club
Martin Bayliss Meltham AC
Jennifer Bennett Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Anne Berry Wesham Road Runners
John Blease
Phil Boorman
Richard Borysiewicz Valleyhill Runners
Darren Bottomley
Rachel Bowden
Emma Bowen Mossley AFC Running Club
Steve Boyer Stainland Lions
Kathryn Bradbury Acre Street Runners
Martin Brady Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Gwen Bramwell Ramsbottom Running Club
Sarah Brewer Meltham AC
Richard Brewster Stainland Lions
Peter Burton Lymm Runners
Paul Butterfield Stainland Lions
Alice Buttle Meltham AC
Janet Campbell Ramsbottom Running Club
Nicki Cartwright Stadium Runners
Jonny Cartwright Stadium Runners
Philip Chapman York Knavesmire Harriers
Fiona Chick Ramsbottom Running Club
Ken Chilcott Stainland Lions
Marie Christian Rossendale harriers
David Collins Stainland Lions
Rachel Congreve
Joanne Cooke Stainland Lions
Bridget Coomber Denby Dale Athletics Club
Scott Croasdale
Richard Crombie Stainland Lions
DAVID CULPAN Stainland Lions
Rosie Cummings Ramsbottom Running Club
Clayton Cutter Stainland Lions
Claire D'Arcy Baildon
Margaret Deacon Halifax Harriers
Sarah Denman St Theresa's AC
Stephen Draper Mossley Hill A C
James Drury
Pete Dukes Meltham AC
Andrew Earnshaw Stainland Lions
Darren Earnshaw Stadium Runners
Heather Ellis Dewsbury Road Runners
Jane Emanuel Ramsbottom Running Club
Michelle Eyre Stainland Lions
Helen Fay Stainland Lions
Suzanne Fennell Dewsbury Road Runners
Simon Fielding Holmfirth Harriers
Lindsay Foote Rossendale Harriers
Louise Fox North Bolton Runners
Tess Foy Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Suzanne Fretwell Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Helen Fretwell
Sue Gallagher Baildon Runners
Lisa Gaut-Conway Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Sandy Gee Stainland Lions
David Gee Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Laura Goodwin Stainland Lions
Steven Gore Wesham Road Runners
John Gray Meltham AC
Emma Greaves Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Shelley Green
Paul Gregory Wesham Road Runners
Paul Grundy Team deane
Claire Guest Stainland Lions
Sam Haigh
Steve Hallam Stainland Lions
Rikki Hammond Stainland Lions
John Hampshire Vegan runners
Philip Hanson Holmfirth Harriers
Michael Herrett
Debbie Hinds Stainland Lions
Mark Hoath Meltham AC
Caroline Hoath Meltham AC
Ian Hoskins Stainland Lions
Brian Hutson Meltham AC
Simon Jones Abbey Runners
Andi K
Jack Kamara Vegan Runners UK
Tracey Kerridge
Peter Kerridge Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Amjid Khan Stainland Lions
Ella King Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Jan King Stainland Lions
Robert Kirk
Gareth Knight Stainland Lions
Steve Laffey
John Lambe Acre Street Runners
Terence Lamonby-Smith Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Angela Lee Stainland Lions
Juliana Leigh
Sara Lewis Meltham AC
Jordan Lister St Albans Striders
Danielle Lister
Ron Lister
Joanna Lockwood Queensbury Running Club
Jamie Lockwood
Anne Marie Lord
Sarah Lunt Stainland Lions
Roy Lunt Stainland Lions
Andrea Lyons Huddersfield Road Runners
Zoe Mallinson Stainland Lions
Sharon Marlor-gage Stainland Lions
Sharon Marlor-gage Stainland Lions
Julia Martin Ramsbottom Running Club
Pam Mason
Ellie May
Beverley Mcclure Dewsbury Road Runners
Paul McCormick Stainland Lions
Pam McGhee Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Brenda Mcgrath Ramsbottom running club
Catherine Mchugh Stainland Lions
James McNutt Stainland Lions
Dawn Medlock Stainland Lions
David C. Miller Stadium Runners
Christie Mollart
Anne Molloy Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Jonathan Moon Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Ray Mooney Stainland Lions
Charlotte Mort
Anthony Mott Stainland Lions
Tracy Mott Stainland Lions
Wendy Murgatroyd South Leeds Lakers
Paul Murgatroyd South Leeds Lakers
Jodi New
Clare Newton Halifax Harriers
Liz Norman Stainland Lions
Martin O'Brien Stainland Lions
Catherine O'shaunghnessy Stainland Lions
Mark Oliver
Belinda O’hooley-tidow
Liz Park Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Paul Pay
Sharon Pennington
Laraine Penson Stainland Lions
Chris Pick Rossendale Harriers
Paula Pickersgill Stainland Lions
Andy Pigg Stadium Runners
Hazel Pike Spen and District AC
Sandra Pinder Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Nathan Pollard
Andrew Potter Meltham AC
Mark Preston Stainland Lions
Jonathan Pybus Stainland Lions
Jacqueline Robinson Dewsbury Road Runners
Cheryl Rock Stockport Harriers & AC
Michelle Rogerson Stainland Lions
Zoe Russell Stainland Lions
Paul Senior Stainland Lions
Leon Severn Stainland Lions
Mike Shackleton Dewsbury Road Runners
Paul Shaw Stainland Lions
Susan Sheehan Meltham AC
Karen Sherpa Wakefield Triathlon Club
Diane Simmons Wakefield Harriers
Andy Smith
Martin Smith
Caroline Smith Stadium Runners
Tom Smith Mossley AFC Running Club
Jasper Soul Killamarsh kestrel
Keri Sparkes
James Stables Meltham AC
Robin Stewart Meltham AC
Michael Sunderland Huddersfield Road Runners
Mark Szefer Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Nigel Taylor Halifax Harriers
Gary Taylor Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
Chris Tennant
Ruth Thomas Meltham AC
Nigel Thomas Meltham AC
Catherine Thompson Meltham AC
Karen Thorne Stainland Lions
Angelo Tomasso Manchester Frontrunners
Ben Trafford
Anita Traynor Meltham AC
Rebecca Turton Ramsbottom Running Club
Samantha Varley Stainland Lions
Richard Wainwright
Joanne Wainwright
James Walker
Nigel Walker
Emma Walton
Nathan Watson
Mark Wearmouth
John Whittington Brighouse Bumble Bees
Simon Whittles
Carol Whitworth Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club
David Wilkinson Stadium Runners
Laura Williams
Louise Williamson
Graham Yeomans Dewsbury Road Runners
Iain Young
Esther Young