We had the wrong date on the website for Alices Run. I am guessing the proposed date was changed at some time. This has been updated but just to make sure Alices Run will take place on Sunday 6th September. Entry online is here.

Thursday 6th August 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Monday 10th August 6:30pm : Monday Training - Training run - meet at the Stadium for a warm up and a training run.

Thursday 13th August 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Sunday 6th September 10:30am : Alice's Run 10k - A multi terrain race with a few short steepish climbs. What shoes to wear I can hear you asking? This is the 10th and last Alice's run so enjoy.

Sunday 27th September 10:30am : Netherthong 10k - This ever popular race always has a large number of Stadium Runners entered. A good challenge for all runners ‐ save something for the last climb.

.. Huddersfield's fastest growing running club. The Club is based at the Stadium Health & Fitness Club at the John Smith's Stadium in Huddersfield.

Running with a group can be more fun than simply training on your own.  Making running more social can help provide the motivation to run further and/or faster. Stadium Runners provide an opportunity to train with a friendly group of runners of similar ability to yourself over a wide variety of local routes.

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Mens Grand Prix 2015
1Jonny Cartwright39010
2Ian Sutcliffe3708
3David Miller3429
4Andrew Ferguson3377
5Robert Buchanan3127
6Matthew Pattison3067
7Carl Lecomber2768
8Andrew Pigg2737

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