From April through to June we will be holding some special training sessions to improve your performance. These will be on Monday nights. Here's more!

Thursday 24th April 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Sunday 27th April 9:00am : Huddersfield (half/full) marathon - The inaugural running of this event! A chance to set the new course record? Looks like a tough route for the half marathon never mind the full!

Monday 28th April 6:30pm : Monday Training - Training run - meet at the Stadium for a warm up and a training run.

Thursday 1st May 6:30pm : Thursday Training - Meet at the stadium for a warm up and a run out.

Sunday 8th June 10:00am : Marsden 10 Mile Challenge - A steady pace is required on the long climb up to West Nab, then you can enjoy the superfast descent back down the Wessenden valley to Marsden.

Monday 16th June 7:30pm : Joe Percy 10K - A two lap team event, run on the roads around Thurstonland. The undulating course and plenty of club support make it a good one to do as a first 10K race. Race date and time to be confirmed.

thurstonland 10k 21

.. Huddersfield's fastest growing running club. The Club, which affiliated to UK Athletics in 2005 is based at the Stadium Health & Fitness Club at the John Smith's Stadium in Huddersfield.

Running with a group can be more fun than simply training on your own.  Making running more social can help provide the motivation to run further and/or faster. Stadium Runners provide an opportunity to train with a friendly group of runners of similar ability to yourself over a wide variety of local routes.

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Don't forget to check our Woodland Challenge site.  This year's event takes place on 19 October 2014 in Bradley, Huddersfield.